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Web Development

Why you must add top 5 WordPress Contact Form Plugin?

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | Jun 03, 2021

WordPress is a CMS that doesn’t require a formal introduction. It is a widely popular CMS utilized worldwide. Right from novices to profe...

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Why Developers Choose PHP for Web Development?

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | May 26, 2021

 The Covid-19 pandemic assured us that a majority of businesses can function online better. That’s a key reason for the upsurge in the in...

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Which One is better WordPress Or Drupal?

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | May 17, 2021

Are you struggling to understand the difference between WordPress and Drupal? You may have seen plenty of WordPress hosting provider, but...

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7 Boss Tips for Converting Leads & Improve Rankings

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Dec 29, 2020

Just imagine- you own a website that runs fine. One day, the conversion rate drop, and the bounce rate increases. Your heart is pounding ...

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That's How You Save Budget for The Magento Website Development

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Dec 28, 2020

The online retail industry is a growing challenging market, including the e-commerce platforms that power it. According to G2, more than ...

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The 10+1 Magento Website Maintenance Guide

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Nov 28, 2020

Let's begin with an honest note. Nothing in the digital world is flawless. There are imperfections and things are susceptible to loophole...

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6 Website Redesign Tips That Keep The SEO Intact

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Nov 26, 2020

They say looks do not matter.It does. Yes, appearance matters and you cannot deny this bitter truth. Now, instead of dragging things fa...

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10 Things To Know Before You Hire Mobile Web Development Company

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Oct 28, 2020

Mobile web development is amongst the rising trends, which is looked up as a robust tool in the domain of marketing strategy. A mobile ap...

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5 Traits of Every Professional Web Developer

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Sep 19, 2020

Many times people encounter a common question that is it hard to find the right web developer? The answer to this is yes, a part of it is...

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Most Powerful $.Ajax() Functions with Examples

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Jun 08, 2020

The code geeks, worldwide, have an in-depth knowledge of Ajax. Those who do not possess the knowledge, here's an introduction to them. Aj...

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10 Tips for Safeguarding PHP Websites

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Apr 25, 2020

Technological advancements upscale frequently. Some or the other day, technical advancement cease no chance to awestruck the mankind. Tho...

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How To Design A Good Favicon: Step-By-Step Guide

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Oct 16, 2019

Favicons are the icons that you see on your browser when you have either opened a website or have bookmarked it. It appears on the tab pa...

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A stepwise guide to WordPress Website Designing for beginners

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Aug 28, 2019

As a small business owner, there are a lot of things that you can do to help your business grow. One of those things is to have a website...

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Stay ahead by becoming a Magento Developer

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Aug 26, 2019

Magento web development is now becoming an essential part of online businesses who are selling their products on the online platform. Des...

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4 Ways to Enhance the Process of Building a Website much easier

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Jul 25, 2019

In this 21st century, people are very busy with their lives. They do not have time to meet up with people, but they are working with thei...

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The Best CMS Platforms For Starting Your Website

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Jun 18, 2019

A website provides the virtual address that an individual need to mark their identity in the vast world of web. Not just businesses and p...

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Top 10 PHP Tools Every Programmer/Software Developer Must Know

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Jun 13, 2019

Designed to simplify web development, PHP has become one of the most popular programming languages for web development. It was launched i...

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9 Design Principles Web Developers Should Know

Web Development | Admin | May 20, 2019

Website design has evolved from inserting tens of images and text clumsily on a single page to minimalist patterns with a single image or...

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5 Web Development Trends To Stay Updated In 2019

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | Apr 06, 2019

Web development is not just getting more innovative and advanced by the day but the new frameworks and technologies surfacing in the web ...

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Why You Should Embrace Accelerated Mobile Pages In 2019

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | Mar 31, 2019

Imagine you could get your content to load 2.7 seconds faster. Now imagine, it is free from all the distracting clutter and increases you...

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Getting Started With Accelerated Mobile Pages: Things You Need To Know

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | Mar 26, 2019

2015 saw the breakthrough development in content delivery and publishing when Google launched its flagship project Accelerated Mobile Pag...

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PHP Trends To Look Out For In 2019

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | Mar 11, 2019

While there are a number of content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc., that today's developers use to develop webs...

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5 Must-Know WordPress Design & Development Trends For 2019

Web Development | Admin | Feb 26, 2019

With WordPress powering more than 27% of the web and nearly 74,652,825 websites in the world running on WordPress, it wont be wrong to ca...

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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Development Company For Your E-Commerce Store

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | Jan 26, 2019

With the online marketplace offering a lucrative opportunity to the sellers worldwide, the number of e-commerce stores has also skyrocket...

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Website Footer Design: User Expectations & How To Fulfill Them

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | Jan 17, 2019

Gone are the days when website footers were considered an unimportant part of the website design when compared to the header or the body ...

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Top 5 Web Development Trends That Are Expected To Rule In 2018

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | Feb 19, 2018

The year gone by was very volatile in terms of web development as lots of new trends were rolled out which have added personalization to ...

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Top 10 Web Design And Development Companies For Outsourcing In India

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | Nov 07, 2017

According to a recent research published in Outsource2India, India is the world's most preferred outsourcing destination in the world fol...

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How The Shortcomings Of Your WordPress Website Are Hampering Your Business?

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | Sep 08, 2016

Are you still sailing on that freebie WordPress theme and hoping to make it big digitally? The task isn't totally impossible; however, kee...

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Increase WordPress Site Engagement with Comments

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | Mar 22, 2016

Your WordPress site represents your opportunity to connect with an audience online. Whether you operate your site for business, charitabl...

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Make the most out of wordpress with GitHub

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | Jan 28, 2016

In the tech world, GitHub has become one of the most important tools available to all the managers, programmers and other allied profe...

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Follow These Steps For Mingling Google AdSense in Your Joomla Website

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Dec 31, 2015

With over 13,378,149 live websites using Google AdSense as per the reports by BuiltWith, the practice of incorporating Google AdSense in ...

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How You Manage Your Magento Project Effectively?

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Oct 01, 2015

A great idea, an advanced CMS, and top-notch extensions; sometimes these aren’t enough to guarantee success of your E-commerce project, b...

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The Web Development Benefits With Drupal

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Sep 14, 2015

While looking for an ideal Content Management System, most of the technology professionals seek for reliable software having a strong arc...

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7 Fundamental Principles of Web Designing

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | Jul 17, 2015

Hopping onto the internet, making it increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. And, the fact that users take only 5-10 seconds ...

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8 Steps to Choose the Right Website Designing Company

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | Jul 08, 2015

The omnipresence of the internet has made it indispensable for businesses to create a virtual identity to survive the tough competition. ...

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10 Reasons Why Joomla is the Best CMS for Startup Businesses?

Web Development | Admin | Jun 11, 2015

So, you want to get a website made for your startup business. A wise decision it is! Surely you would have thought of a domain name and a...

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Factors Affecting the Success of Your Website

Web Development | Admin | Jan 12, 2015

The usability and utility of the website determine that whether it be a success or failure. It is important that your website have a user...

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The Advantages Of Magento Extensions

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Dec 08, 2014

Developing a Magento website is not very simple at first. It may seem to be a complex process to accurately develop Magento websites. But...

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Dark Websites: Everything You Need To Know

Web Development | Admin | Nov 27, 2014

Colours leave a deep impact on the mood and psyche, and entice the visitors to the websites or make them leave the websites in jiffy. Thi...

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Website Builder: Best Tool For Creating a New Website

Web Development | Admin | Nov 14, 2014

Having a website is essential if you want your business to be successful in today's age. Why you may ask? With a large percentage of peop...

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6 Secrets For Better Web Application Development

Web Development | Admin | Oct 23, 2014

It is no secret that every web application developer should be well-versed with OOP and scripting languages. But apart from that every we...

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Why Joomla Has Become The Most Used CMS

Web Development | Admin | Jul 14, 2014

Technically, Joomla is an efficient Content Management System (CMS) that has user-friendly interface and comes with lot of flexibility in...

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Popularity of IOS App Development

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | May 16, 2014

For every business, the ultimate task is to address the needs of its customers in every possible way. The challenge for the businesses is...

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Suggestion: How Android Has Completely Captured The World Market

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Apr 08, 2014

A whopping 877,885,000 Android units were sold in the year 2013, as per the Gartner Inc., which is an American information technology res...

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Zen Cart Web Development: Importance For E-Commerce Stores

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Mar 14, 2014

The people who are involved in the business know the importance of the E-Commerce Websites. These websites have saved a lot of time of th...

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Website Wire-frame The Skeletal Framework Of Website

Web Development | Admin | Mar 06, 2014

The schematic blueprint or skeletal framework of a Website is known as a Website Wireframe. This framework is used to define different pa...

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Advantages Of Drupal Platform

Web Development | Admin | Jan 27, 2014

Drupal was released by Dries Buytaert on January 2001 but its stable release took place on 20 November 2013. This Website Platform is apt...

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ECommerce Benefits to the Organization

Web Development | Admin | Jan 20, 2014

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce is all about sharing business information, maintaining business relations and conducting business trans...

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OpenCart Vs OsCommerce

Web Development | Admin | Jan 17, 2014

OpenCart and OsCommerce are shopping cart software that are used for developing Online Shopping Websites. These template engines are used...

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Evolving Content Management System and Drupal

Web Development | Admin | Dec 24, 2013

Content management system has made it extremely easy for budding entrepreneurs as well as established businesses to manage, organize, edi...

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Why Choose Static Website? [thumb]

Why Choose Static Website?

Web Design | Jul 20, 2021

Static websites are again used by many. The days when the business used to have moving characters all over their land...

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Why Website Design Portfolio is Important in 2021? [thumb]

Why Website Design Portfolio is Important in 2021?

Web Design | Jul 14, 2021

Marketing is difficult. Self-marketing is perplexing. Getting on the mat to lock horns, in a competitive mark...

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How to Increase Mobile Application Downloads by 30%? [thumb]

How to Increase Mobile Application Downloads by 30%?

App Development | Jul 07, 2021

Kickstarting a business is good but having a website for it is better (and advantageous). Undoubtedly, more than 75% ...

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