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Outsourcing Web Development: A Risky Boon

Web Development | Admin | Last Updated: 2011-01-10

Outsourcing Web Development: A Risky Boon

In the booming field of Web Development, where companies are piled up with the assignments of web designing, developing web content, client-side/server-side scripting, etc., E- commercialists have found an alternative of Outsourcing Web Development. By Outsourcing this process, people are not just able to save their time and money, but this way they can gain a list of international clients, money spinning projects, and an exposure in international markets.

Why do Companies Outsource?

  • To save time and money
  • Freeing up of company resources to concentrate on core tasks
  • Improved productivity
  • Seeking assistance to quality technological talent

Be Ready to Take Risks for Maximum Gain Investing in Outsourcing Web Development can help you in many ways, but one need not forget the risk factor that comes in a joint package. On one hand, it is likely to be a huge cost saving factor for small size to big size enterprises but on other hand, it has several tricky propositions like:

  • Quality assurance (and compromises!)
  • Cultural and Communication barriers
  • Misinterpreting and misunderstanding of requirements
  • Differences in company processes & infrastructure
  • Concerns about intellectual property security

The right interpretation and management of expectations is important for both parties that would help the service seeker and the service provider as well. This way, one can paint a realistic picture of what the outsourcing relationship will look like. There are other advantages too. The outsourcer can focus more on strategic thinking and managing trade partner relationships and also increase efficiency by centralizing functions. It also helps the company to keep pace with the changing technology without changing the infrastructure. Outsourcing web services makes a lot of sense, but it is very essential to source the service from the right company. Because there have been instances of many fraud companies that appear quite convincing at first but then provide shoddy services or disappear. The trick is to find the right web development company to outsource and that includes not only evaluating various companies but also seeing if they match your business needs.

Ensure That the Company Must Have:

  • Acceptable references, past, credential records
  • Team of SEO experts
  • White hat methods for optimization, without promising an overnight increase in ranking

General Tips To Help You While Outsourcing Web Development To Offshore Companies:

  • To avoid disappointment, clearly define your requirements
  • A strong initial analysis will significantly reduce unexpected project costs
  • Check whether vendor has its own QA/testing team or not
  • Carefully evaluate vendor's tracking, documentation, QA processes, etc
  • Check compatibility of standards with your company
  • Carefully test everything prior to beta release
  • Enquire what processes they have for fixing bugs
  • Share only necessary information during projects
  • Clarify licensing and source code ownership
  • Especially at the outset of any project or outsourcing relationship, set up specific times to clarify and answer questions

These points cover some crucial aspects that are a part of outsourcing web development. If these points are taken care of, then Outsourcing Web Development can be very beneficial for your enterprise.

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