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Parts of a Web Page

Web Development | Admin | Updated: 2010-09-30

Parts of a Web Page

Current age is more or less turning into WEB age. From education to business, everything is conducted online. Internet is now accessible to millions of people who use it to search endless things. Advertizing of business as well online trading is gaining momentum every single day. A well-designed website is what is needed to achieve success in an online business. By well-design we do not mean that the site should only be attractive but it rather should have various other features in place. Together these parts create a website or webpage that is user-friendly and well-promoted. Here in this write up we will discuss parts of web page design that need to be perfected. You must be thinking which are those parts? So let us explore them:

Header or Masthead :

  • Header is the first thing that a visitor to a site comes across. If the header is attractive then the visitors tend to stay more on a site to explore it. So, it becomes absolutely essential to pay attention to the making and placing of the header on the site.
  • Use of flash animations and colorful text make the headers all the more alluring.

Content The Main Body

  • Content is considered to be the lifeline of any site. A well-presented website is not effective if its content is not up to the mark. So, it is important to keep check on the content uploaded on the site.
    • Content should be as per the SEO guidelines
    • It should be without errors
    • Stuffed with relevant keywords
    • The content displayed through images should be search engine friendly using alt attribute


  • Easier the navigation on the site more are the chances of visitors staying long on your site. Various internal links are added to a site or web page in order to promote it well. But one has to be careful while placing the links as these can lead visitors to undesired destinations.
  • So, it is necessary to keep the navigation of the site in mind while placing links.

Footer for Your Websites

  • Footer is a must have for a website. Footer content is mostly similar for all websites. SEO professionals are in a lookout for new and creative ways of designing footer. Footer contains links to various pages that ease the visitors.
  • So, design and place a well-developed footer with appropriate content.

By now you must have understood the significance of different parts of a web page and how they should be incorporated. Following the tips offered by us will let you have a website that can take you places.

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