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Google Update

Google May 2022 Core Update Is Finished Rolling Out

Google Update | Poonam | Jul 20, 2022

Google has carried out its most memorable centre update for the year 2022. Our last investigation shows that it made broadly perceptible ...

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How the Google Speed Update will impact your site?

Google Update | Poonam | Apr 04, 2022

Internet is an integral part of our daily life, and the speed of the internet matters a lot. Therefore, organic rankings require high spe...

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Google Proves That Logos Need Regular Update

Google Update | Anurag Gupta | Sep 01, 2017

Logos, as we all know are the visual representation of a brand. They not just help in creating a brand identity but also in etching a mar...

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Everything You Need To Know About Googles New Ad Layout

Google Update | Admin | Feb 16, 2017

Browsing through Google for my next blog, I was confused to see paid ads covering the top and bottom of my result page instead of the usu...

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Google's Algorithm Update: Tips To Face The Upcoming Penguin Update and Stay Penalty Free in 2016

Google Update | Anurag Gupta | Dec 01, 2015

After the last Google Penguin Update back in October 2014, it's time for all to tie the shoelaces as we will soon be graced with the next...

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Google's Blocked Resources Report and Updated Fetch & Render Tool

Google Update | Admin | Mar 26, 2015

Webmasters! There is a bit of news for you guys! Google has lately announced that it has incorporated a new report in the mighty Google W...

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Google Analytics Introduces Trash Can Feature For Recovering Deleted Data

Google Update | Admin | Jan 30, 2015

As the famous saying goes Mistake is the first step of success. The saying holds true because mistakes are considered to be the stepping ...

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Penguin To Shift To Continuous Updates Says Google

Google Update | Admin | Dec 15, 2014

Google has confirmed that it will now release regular updates of its Penguin algorithm. The search engine giant released a statement via ...

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Google Redesigns Maps, Adds Open Table Reservations and Uber Estimates

Google Update | Admin | Nov 11, 2014

Google has moved a notch up with its redesigned Maps for mobiles. Going beyond the rudimentary search and navigation, it has now become a...

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Google Webmaster Update: Blocking JavaScript & CSS Can Affect Indexing

Google Update | Admin | Oct 30, 2014

Google finally updated its technical webmaster guidelines on Oct 27th 2014; the guidelines focus on websites that have active CSS and JavaScr...

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Google Rolls Out Penguin 3.0 Update, How to Recover your Website ?

Google Update | Admin | Oct 20, 2014

Google has launched its much awaited update to the penguin algorithm series. Penguin 3.0, as it is called, was released on late Friday ni...

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Googles Warning Feature About Flash Sites To Go International

Google Update | Admin | Oct 15, 2014

In todays fast paced life, smart phones have become an important medium for users for solving all their queries. Most people today stick ...

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How to Recover from Panda 4.1 Penalty and Double Your Organic Traffic

Google Update | Admin | Oct 08, 2014

With the purpose of preventing cluttering of poor content on the internet, Google has announced the launch of Panda 4.1. Internet is bomb...

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Googles Latest Panda 4.1 Update Is Here

Google Update | Admin | Sep 26, 2014

Googles Panda Update is a filter software that dismisses websites having poor content from its top search engine rankings. Googles Panda ...

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The Need For Web Analytics Services

Google Update | Admin | Nov 14, 2013

A strong online presence is very important for businesses to survive and thrive in this competitive age. The dramatic expansion of e-comm...

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Using Google Docs For Sharing Files

Google Update | Admin | Jul 11, 2013

There is a solid reason why Google has been the industry leader, as far as Internet related products & services are concerned, for some t...

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Importance of Web Analytics

Google Update | Admin | Jul 01, 2013

Web Analytics Programs are of immense importance and serve as a source to a lot of valuable marketing data. Employing the right Web Analy...

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Google Introduces Home Shopping Facility To YouTube

Google Update | Admin | Jun 24, 2013

From radio to television to computers, advertising seems to have finally come of age. Almost everybody is familiar with YouTube - the pop...

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Which Is Better: Google Chrome Or Mozilla Firefox

Google Update | Admin | Apr 25, 2013

It is a common sight to see both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox installed in the systems of the common internet user. Even if we take ...

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Identifying Spam

Google Update | Admin | Apr 22, 2013

Almost all of us have experienced the frustration and anger caused by spam in our inbox. What we may not know is that spam can cause more...

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Google's HTTP Referrer Changed

Google Update | Admin | Jul 23, 2012

It is popularly said that if Google cannot find it in under a minute, it does not exist. With the changes in its HTTP Referrer, now Googl...

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