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5 Must-Know WordPress Design & Development Trends For 2019

Web Development | Admin | Updated: 2019-02-26

5 Must-Know WordPress Design & Development Trends For 2019

With WordPress powering more than 27% of the web and nearly 74,652,825 websites in the world running on WordPress, it wont be wrong to call it the most powerful software and content management system for creating websites. With the world relying on WordPress for their web requirements, the fight to get on top and attract more traffic is continuously growing stronger. Each new domain name connecting with this open-source website creator adds to the competition of being noticed. If you are also a site owner on WordPress, here are a few trends WordPress design and development trends that you should keep in mind to gain an edge and rise above all in 2019. So, lets have a read.


The WordPress REST API (Representational State Transfer API) has already made its way into the lives of the astute WordPress developers and designers. In 2019, the REST API would be used by more WordPress users to interact with sites through the remote exchange of JSON objects. We all know that an API (Application Programming Interface) allows two apps to communicate; the REST API allows the sites on WordPress to connect with Google. Understanding and incorporating the REST API, developers can make third-party integrations much simpler without any confinement for any specific platform or technology. Developers will now be seen making full use of this REST API to communicate with WordPress and even develop WordPress-based mobile applications.

Subtle Animations

When talking about WordPress web designing, the one thing that will take the center stage this year is subtle animations. Scroll and parallax effects have been the major focus of WordPress web designers as well as WordPress Development Company. Adding animations on the websites catch more attention of the users and keep them engaged with the site. Whether yours is a photo display website, news website business website, portfolio site, or any other professional website, adding animating elements would not only further engage the visitors but also make your website more appealing. These elements could be anything from mouse scrolls, hover effects, bounce effects, fade effect etc. There are a number of WordPress plugins that can allow you to add these subtle animations on your WordPress site. Plugins like Animate It, Master Slider Plugin, Scroll Magic, Smart Slider 3, etc., can be used for this effect.

Web Push Notifications

Even though SMS marketing and email marketing have managed to get more response from the targeted audience than any other form of marketing, push notification sent by applications are also making their way to attract the users attention. One of the coolest trends in WordPress would be the ability to send web push notifications to users. While one can find many WordPress themes with the option of web push notifications, one can also install plugins like OneSignal, PushEngage, PushAssist, PushCrew, etc., to enable sending push notifications. To get more traffic, many of the WordPress web developers and designers would be seen making use of these web push notifications in the website in the coming months.

Responsive WordPress Themes

Whether we talk about the number of mobile users, the increasing inclination towards mobile sites or the importance of Google AMP pages, there are many reasons why a more mobile-friendly design is a must. Another trend that is bound to shine out in 2019 is mobile-friendly or responsive websites. With mobile internet usage taking over desktop or laptops, businesses and brands are bound to have a website that seamlessly fits into any screen size. There are a number of responsive WordPress themes like Mustache, Excellent, Impreza, Avada, Jupiter, etc., that you can find and select from its database to create a responsive website on WordPress. In addition to choosing responsive themes, developers are also incorporating a number of WordPress mobile plugins like WPtouch, WP Mobile Menu, AMP for WP, AppPresser, Max Mega Menu, etc., to engage the mobile-users.

Bebo WordPress 5.0

A new version of WordPress, WordPress 5.0, has rolled out recently. And it wouldn't be wrong to say that the web developers are going gaga over this new version. This new Gutenberg version has changed the way content is created and posted on WordPress websites. While the prior updates in WordPress were also helpful in making website designing smoother but this update is certainly game-changing. This new block-based editor would not just offer a streamlined editing experience but also enables the site owners to make customization in content display. Also known as the Bebo update, homage to the Cuban jazz musician Bebo Valds, this block update for inserting media and creating content would definitely change the way people have been using WordPress.

When in the website designing and development industry, following the trends is a must to gain an edge over the competitors. WordPress is indeed one of the most powerful CMS that is powering a majority of websites on the internet today. If you are also a site owner who has his/her website on WordPress, these trends can help you rise above your competitors in 2019. While the shortcomings of your WordPress site can hamper your business, these trends will not just make your site handling smoother but also attract more traffic and boost engagement.

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    08 July, 2019 at 5:48 am

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  • Neha Sharma
    10 April, 2019 at 10:14 am

    It's ultimate blog and yes these five trends are attract more traffic and boost engagement. These trends helpful to rise above your competitors in 2019 and also helpful for the new beginners. They will improve their skills and make creative websites.


  • Meshur Ahir
    14 March, 2019 at 8:01 am

    Nice Blog, It is very Useful blog for the Beginners which they should Know and improve their site and make it Responsive for Users.


  • Naveen Kumar
    01 March, 2019 at 11:46 am

    I've found this information very helpful as many people can get help from your blog. I really appreciate your research and blog. Waiting for your next posting.


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