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How ASP.NET is better than ASP Web Application?

Web Development | Admin | Updated: 2011-11-10

How ASP.NET is better than ASP Web Application?

There has been considerable development in the .NET technology which is the reason why many businessmen want to migrate from ASP to ASP.NET. This is due to the development of more scalable, robust, secure and reliable software as compared to those developed by ASP. Software developed through ASP. NET can be incorporated in an easy way with any CLR supported application. This blog discusses some of the benefits of ASP. NET over traditional ASP and the role it plays in making web development simpler and more effective, such as:

  • Event driven programming - Web pages that are created with the use of ASP.NET can display events. There is an option of codes handle that has click, load change etc. to make coding organized and simple.
  • Automatic expiration and refreshing of cache data -This feature is capable of automatically expiring and refreshing the cache data. With ASP.NET applications, faster recovery of web pages is possible, which is not the case with ASP.
  • Dynamic compile code execution - ASP.NET can efficiently do the dynamic compile execution of code. It can enable the storage of the compiled code by detecting changes in the code, in memory for the future requests of the web server.
  • Capacity to cater to more number of requests - Apart from the rest of the advantages, ASP.NET has the ability to cater to more number of requests unlike the traditional ASP application, which doesn't provide you with the same facility. In order to port ASP to .NET, highly qualified web developers make use of .NET framework. Business automation challenges drive the business owners to seek web developers for migrating to ASP.NET from ASP. The advanced features of ASP.NET are highly beneficial over the traditional ASP which is now widely preferred the world over. In India, many offshore web development companies have employed professionals who develop web applications over the .NET platform. PHP Web Development

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