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PHP: The Right Choice For Dynamic Website Development

Web Development | Admin | Updated: 2011-03-24

PHP: The Right Choice For Dynamic Website Development

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor has emerged as one the best options among embedded scripting languages for developing dynamic websites. Promising aesthetics, performance and flexibility at economical cost, PHP is a definite winner for hassle-free programming. It is interesting to note that in spite of new languages being developed for scripting needs, it continues to be a favorite of techies as an open source and general purpose language. This write-up compares PHP with other languages to let you known how this language emerges as a winner for dynamic website development.

PHP versus Other Programming Languages: The Benefits

  • Can be embedded into HTML with much ease
  • Free of cost and much faster
  • Builds websites that are highly interactive and attractive at the same time
  • Provides support for various databases like MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and MS Access
  • An excellent substitute for ASP, Cold Fusion and ASP.NET.
  • Compatible with latest operating systems such as Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Unix variants and so on
  • Supports many browsers perfectly like Netscape, Apache, Personal Web Server, Caudium, and iPlanet servers, Xitami, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Oreilly
  • Has a modular format with no restrictions
  • Offers option between object oriented programming, procedural programming and even a blend of both.
  • Provides good output for images, PDFs, Flash videos.
  • Good for meeting customized needs as a wide variety of libraries can be included e.g. for images, XML etc.
  • Availability of many developer tools, makes PHP even more favorable
  • Makes hosting affordable
  • Offers powerful tools for performance in debugging, testing, optimizing, documentation, security, image manipulation and so on.

PHP scripts are required in three areas while developing websites viz. writing desktop applications, Command Line Scripting and Server Side Scripting. Not just for the amateur web developers, it is preferred by experts as well for providing powerful solutions in development of better websites. Providing an advanced method of website development, PHP wins hands down for versatile programming needs.

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