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PHP Trends To Look Out For In 2019

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2019-03-11

PHP Trends To Look Out For In 2019

While there are a number of content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc., that today's developers use to develop websites, nothing beats the feel, look, and functionality of a website developed using PHP tools and framework. Those in the development community would be well-aware of PHP and its benefits for developing websites. Offering open-source customization, e-commerce solutions, rapid application development, CRM integration, and custom PHP development for apps and websites, PHP is one of the most cost-effective programming languages. In fact, many biggies of the digital world like Facebook, Wikipedia, and WordPress are also developed on PHP codes itself. Seeing this, it wont be wrong to say that using PHP codes for developing a website or web app would guarantee success. However, to stay at the top of your game in PHP development, it is important to look out for the PHP trends that are ruling in 2019. If you are a developer or simply planning to get your site built by a leading PHP developer in India, go through the PHP trends mentioned below to ensure your site is as functional as it should be to rule the online ecosystem.

Connecting With IoT

The internet of things technology has left no industry untouched. After connecting the world together and making it a smarter digital village, the internet of things has taken the route of development and none other than PHP has the features and functionality to embrace it. Being a complex system of three layers, IoT requires frameworks that are dynamic and robust. PHP emerges with the best-fit infrastructure solution for this complex and advanced technology of the internet of things. There are several frameworks available in PHP that boast of robust programming and fast coding. Using the latest PHP 7 for development also allows the developers to execute multiple tasks using a single script. Whether it is about building a PHP app or a PHP IoT website, the powerful technology features and advanced concepts of PHP can certainly do wonders in the IoT industry.

Joining Hands With Java

While earlier businesses used to choose between Java and PHP for developing their dynamic websites or applications, today, they can be seen combining the functionalities and features of both these languages for better and more advanced websites and web apps. We all know that Java is known for its security and PHP for its speed. With cyber hacking being a big threat even to the biggies like Facebook and Google, incorporating all the security features is a must in any new online venture. By joining hands with Java, the PHP developers can create websites and apps that are both secure and speedy while reducing their cost at the same time.

Balancing With The UI Trends

The demand for seamless navigation, well-placed icons, clear buttons, breadcrumbs, paginations, tags, imagery, etc., is driving the PHP developers to come up with new features in their web apps and websites. Apart from that a user interface that glides into any screen size is also something that is demanded by a majority of the users. So developing responsive websites would be a top concern of the PHP developers in India. The trends in PHP development would be to keep a good balance with the trends in the user interface. This would ensure that the users are getting the experience that they expect from the website or web application.

Development In Language

After a decade of no updates, PHP 7 was introduced. This new language created a wave of excitement in the PHP community as it empowered them with various new functionalities and features. Incorporation of this new and developed language in the programming of websites and web apps is going to get stronger in 2019. PHP 7 has a reduced codebase that boosts performance while minimizing the consumption of memory; thus adding speed to programming. It allows type declarations instead of automatic ones, handling of even fatal errors in coding, and paves way for new operators like spaceship, null coalesce, etc. It also has an easy-to-use CSPRNG, i.e., Cryptographically Secure Pseudo Random Number Generator. With so many new and added features, language in PHP is certainly developing and offering the developers new opportunities to experiment more.

Trending PHP Frameworks

Many of the PHP trends that will rule in 2019 are majorly driven by the frameworks that they work on. These frameworks provide a structure that helps in streamlining and simplifying the app development. In addition to that, these frameworks also add speed to the development process. PHP trends would be created by the use of the trending frameworks. Some of these are:

  • Laravel
  • PHPixie
  • Aura
  • Codeigniter
  • Phalcon
  • CakePHP
  • Zend Framework

We all are aware of a number of reasons to choose PHP for web development and turn to this language for the creation of our website. These are some of the major trends that the developer community will witness in PHP world in the coming months. If you are also a PHP developer, keeping these trends in mind while developing a website or application can prove to be beneficial to gain an edge. So, keep the aforementioned tips in mind to ensure success in your PHP development endeavors in 2019.

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