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The Best CMS Platforms For Starting Your Website

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Updated: 2019-06-18

The Best CMS Platforms For Starting Your Website

A website provides the virtual address that an individual need to mark their identity in the vast world of web. Not just businesses and professionals, even a guy like you and me needs a website to build their online personality or share their thoughts via blogging. And one of the best ways to do that is through content management systems. Today, there are hundreds of CMSs in the world powering more than 56% of the total 1,652,185,816 websites in the world. From top platforms like The New Yorker and BBC America to personal blogging sites, a majority of the websites are running on some or the other content management system due to the ease, speed, and simplicity of adding, managing, and optimizing content. But before you consult a CMS website developer for building your website, knowing which CMS platform to choose is a must. Here is a list of the top CMS platforms for starting your website.


Powering more than 34% of the web, WordPress can certainly be called the best content management system out there. It has become extremely popular with everyone, be it for launching an online business, posting hobby blogs, establishing authority through informative blogs, or simply setting up your website for an online presence. Even the biggest news online sites today are powered by WordPress! It lets you set up and get going with your website in just a few minutes. All you need is choose the theme, add a bit of customization, drag the features, and voila! Your website is ready to launch. Not just that, there are over 54,000 plugins that enable add to the functionality of your website. And if you get stuck anytime, post your query and someone from its vast support community would be there with a solution.

Powerful Features :-

  • Quick and easy to post and manage content
  • Search engine optimized to yield more traffic
  • Plugins that customize your website


When it comes to content management systems, Drupal is one of those CMSs that are never left out of any discussion. It has powered some of the most powerful websites in the world like BBC, MTV UK, and NBC. Even the website for the White House was powered by the functionalities of Drupal. One of the biggest advantages of Drupal is that this open-source CMS is completely free of cost. It offers a complete guide to setting up a website. The API-first architecture and robust configuration management add to the flexibility of website development. This powerful framework can be used for developing all types of websites for businesses across industries.

Powerful Features :-

  • It offers complete enterprise-level security
  • More advanced than Joomla and WordPress in performance
  • Has powerful modules & clean codes for higher ranking


Since the launch of its first version in 2005, Joomla has been fixed, improved, revamped, and refined many times by its developer community. This free open-source content management system has many advanced features and functionalities that require a professional Joomla web developer to incorporate in a website. It comes with thousands of free templates and extensions that ensure your website is customized and stands apart from the rest of the sites created using this CMS software. For those that do not want to stick with the text-based websites, Joomla offers the flexibility to create many custom post types. Its option for a membership-based website is one of the many reasons why Joomla is the best CMS for startups.

Powerful Features :-

  • Out of the box multilingual support
  • Comes with security features; no plugins required
  • Customization for different templates for different page types


There are more than 110,000 e-commerce websites in the vast world of web right now and the numbers are increasing with each passing second. If you are also planning to launch a functional and effective e-commerce website that drives traffic and sales, Magento is the CMS to go. It is touted as the best content management system for starting an e-commerce site owing to its unique functionalities and features. It has numerous ready to use extensions for quick launch of any website. More than 12% of all the e-commerce sites today are powered by Magento and this powerful CMS also has over 1.9% of the total CMS market share.

Powerful Features :-

  • The best content management system for e-commerce site owners
  • Built-in functionalities like reporting, marketing, customer service, etc.
  • Creation of rich and quality content for online store's visibility

Content Management Systems are one of the quickest and most effortless ways to launch your website on the World Wide Web. These CMS frameworks and software come with a number of themes, templates, extensions, plugins, and features that make it easier for anyone to create a website that is tailored to suit their business model. The aforementioned CMS platforms are counted among the leading platforms for starting your own website. So, if getting an address and unique identity on the web is your motive, launching a website through CMS could be the easiest and quickest way.

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