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PHP Shopping Cart: Your Key To Enhanced Online Business

Web Development | Admin | Updated: 2010-11-18

PHP Shopping Cart: Your Key To Enhanced Online Business

Introduction of new and innovative online business promotion techniques have transformed the way the business world operates. The conversion of WebPages into virtual markets, where the sale and purchase of commodities is done, personifies this revolution in terms of both technology and human creativity. One such innovative and technological advancement to help enhance the online business has been PHP based shopping cart.

What is PHP Shopping Cart?

This term refers to a virtual shopping cart and it performs exactly the same functions as performed by its physical counterpart. A PHP based Shopping Cart allows you to add up the items chosen by you from a particular site or a webpage and then finally pay for all of them together rather than individually.

What options should it offer?

A Shopping Cart on a website development on PHP platform should offer varied options such as, constant display of number and quantity of the items it contains, the approximate cost for the same, and a prominent display of any changes made to the cart. It should also allow the visitor to easily delete the unwanted items from the cart.

Visibility of the Cart

PHP shopping cart should always be visible on all the WebPages significantly. All the products should also carry a link named add to the cart that would allow the visitor to add items to the shopping cart very easily and in turn increase your sales.

Advantages of having PHP Shopping Cart

A PHP Shopping cart offers following advantages technical advantages to the client:

  • Ensures that requisite information is sent to the cart
  • Locates and executes high compliance cart
  • Also has the ability to call external PHP file
  • An online payment mode can also be added to the cart via Paypal Service or other multiple payment gateways
  • Requires almost zero programming and can be set up via easy-to-use software
  • Search engine friendly nature
  • Allows for real time shipping quotes and easy order notification
  • Flexible and easy to incorporate in any website

By adding a PHP Shopping Cart to your E Commerce website, you can offer an easy option to your clients to choose the products and thereby enhance your chances of increasing sales revenue.

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