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OpenCart Vs OsCommerce

Web Development | Admin | Updated: 2014-01-17

OpenCart Vs OsCommerce

OpenCart and OsCommerce are shopping cart software that are used for developing Online Shopping Websites. These template engines are used to design the shopping system enabled by an Online Shopping Website for the consumers. The prime function of these software is to allow customers to obtain a list of items along with the bill of purchase that they are buying from an online shopping website. Along with this OpenCart and OsCommerce are also used for designing different templates and icons that will be featured over a shopping website.

  • OpenCart OpenCart is highly advanced shopping cart software which is capable of featuring limitless products and categories and can also accommodate unlimited manufacturers. This shopping cart software supports user-customized templates, multiple currencies and multiple languages. The other services offered by OpenCart include printable invoice, multiple tax-rate compatibility, product reviews, shipping rate calculation, etc.
  • OsCommerce This shopping cart software includes administrative back-end and catalog front-end features, and it automatically installs and updates. Customizable shopping-cart layout, secure SSL transactions and password-secured administration area are few features of this online shopping cart software. Like OpenCart, OsCommerce is also capable of supporting multiple languages, currencies, products and categories. The front-end features of OsCommerce lets customers view history and status of order, search products, review orders and create permanent or temporary shopping carts. This shopping cart software also offers sales reports to back-end users, product recommendations and it also mails newsletters to old customers. These software form a crucial part of e-commerce and are used by individuals engaged in e-realm. Most of the shopping cart software are openly available over the internet as their developers freely offer the code of program. Companies or individuals engaged in OsCommerce Development and OpenCart development offer them freely and anyone can download these shopping cart software from the internet.

The users can also modify and extend these online shopping cart software according to their specific requirements. Users can download and use any of these shopping cart software after determining that which one will be better for his needs. If you are thinking to get one of these software it is advised to first understand the features of both and judge accordingly that which one will suit your requirements. Request a Free Quote

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