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Why you must add top 5 WordPress Contact Form Plugin?

Ecommerce | Poonam | Updated: 2021-06-03

Why you must add top 5 WordPress Contact Form Plugin?
WordPress is a CMS that doesnt require a formal introduction. It is a widely popular CMS utilized worldwide. Right from novices to professionals, all are imbibed with the functionality of WordPress. Using this platform, a lot of e-commerce websites came into existence and are functioning aptly.

Every WordPress website you see on the internet has the same structural details that include the home page, generic web pages, and contact us page. Although a website can function without generic web pages, it remains incomplete without a contact page. Since some brands prefer sharing their contact details separately, many WordPress website designers craft a separate contact us page.

The prime reason behind developing a separate contact us page is to integrate a contact form. It is the simplest way for establishing communication between the company and consumer through a contact form, consumers can raise grievances or put up queries. A contact form plug-in is a key behind such simplified operations. There are different types of WordPress contact form plug-ins. Lets glance at them.

WordPress Contact Form Plug-Ins

Before vouchsafing about different contact form plug-ins, it is important to understand the must-have features of WordPress contact form plug-ins.
  • Responsiveness : Today, success in the digital world is measured through the responsiveness of a website/application. Many WordPress web developers ensure to fix all glitches & lacunae that emanate as a hurdle. Since people use tablets and mobiles more than desktops, the contact form plug-in of WordPress must be responsive for seamless access.
  • Shields Against Spam: Every WordPress website designing company grinds to offer the utmost experience. Security assurance is an unignorable feature in every plug-in. One cannot deny that spam exists due to reasons like lethargic domain reputation, poor IR repute, weak email engagement, and more. If the plug-in assures shielding against such reasons, it may succeed in the market.
  • Customization: People prefer a WordPress plug-in that supports the functionality to customize the color, typeface, and font.
  • Popular WordPress Plug-Ins: Heres a list of some widely acknowledged WordPress plug-ins. These are pre-loaded with the unconventional features listed above.

Every 3rd WordPress website development company in India integrates plug-ins for better functionalities.

WP Forms

WP Forms is a famous WordPress plug-in developed for non-technical businesses. This contact form comes pre-loaded with the basics like field manipulation, CAPTCHA, spam protection, and email notification with thanks for submission post. With the premium version of WP forms, WordPress website designers can easily extend the functionality of contact forms. Features like multi-page forms, payment forms, subscription forms, registration forms, and more. Ultimately, it is a perfect fit for all types of non-technical businesses.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms define perfection in budget. They are WordPress contact forms used for creating sophisticated contact forms with different features. By integrating Gravity, features like the addition of web directories, customer order forms, subscription forms etc., can be included. However, individuals need to loosen their pockets because theres no free version of the Gravity Form plug-in.

Formidable Forms

Businesses that are technically proficient oriented towards technology must add Formidable Forms in the WordPress website design. As per many WordPress website developers, adding Formidable to the website allows developing contact forms with diverse features like multi-step functionality, quizzes, survey/registration form, and more. In simpler words, Formidable Forms can be considered an advanced version of Gravity Forms.

Ninja Forms

Without taking a dime out of your pocket, Ninja Forms for WordPress are celebrated choices for startups and pre-established businesses. Ninja has the quintessential drag & drop feature. Through this feature, tasks like managing, editing, and exporting data received by the form get simplified. Moreover, the free version rolls out the features of the premium version that advocates for its increasing popularity.

Quform Plug-In

If you remain engrossed in the listing of business and want to simplify it, Quform Plug-In is the name you must remember. This plug-in comes pre-leaded with a feature that allows creating 15 form elements within minutes. Hence, the plug-in is more like a virtual staff member that works without salary. Using it, one can conveniently manage the WordPress dashboard for creating innumerable forms and listings.

Final Words

WordPress plug-ins, undoubtedly, have been a boon to all its users. The positive word for such plug-ins is nothing beyond simplification of work with endless features. And hey, these were just some selective WP form plug-ins. There are umpteen others available in paid and free versions online. WeblinkIndia.Net is a noted WordPress development company that holds expertise in the integration of WP forms accordingly.

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