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Qualities Of A Good ASP.NET Programmer

Web Development | Admin | Last Updated: 2012-11-26

Qualities Of A Good ASP.NET Programmer

ASP.NET is a web technology, which was released as a part of Microsoft's .NET Framework. An ASP.NET page gets turned into native machine code, which is run straight from the processor. The loading time of the page is thus considerably decreased. ASP.NET is heavily marketed by Microsoft and thus the services of an ASP.NET Programmer are highly sought after.

Even though the job of an ASP.NET Programmer mostly requires technical know-hows, a few other traits should also be considered while selecting an ASP.NET Programmer. Some of the qualities which are often used as a benchmark to differentiate a Good ASP.NET Programmer are as follows:

  • Technical Knowledge : The primary task of an ASP.NET Programmer is to develop a programming code, which is used for secure communication of a computer with the networks and databases of an organization. Since this is a highly specialized field, an ASP.NET Programmer should have sound technical knowledge of ASP.NET and skills in Classic ASP, MS Access, Microsoft SQL 2000/2005, JavaScript, XML, DHTML, CSS and AJAX, VBScript and Jscript.
  • Trustworthy : Since the ASP.NET Programmer is entrusted with developing the programming code, he should be a trustworthy individual. For this, you can get some referrals from the previous clients that the programmer has worked with.
  • Experienced : It is also required of the ASP.NET Programmer to deal with existing applications. An experienced ASP.NET Programmer will be in a better position to handle the applications along with any other problems which may arise.
  • Quick Response : Since ASP.NET is a tool in the running of the business online, the ASP.NET Programmer should be able to ensure quick action on the changes and modifications which may be required due to changes in the business. A prompt ASP.NET Programmer will not only save time but also a lot of inconvenience.
  • Good Communication Skills : An ASP.NET Programmer has to work in coordination with other professionals like software engineers, architects, etc. It is thus very important that he is able to properly communicate with them.

Considering that the technical knowledge is evidently necessary to qualify as an ASP.NET Programmer, a Good ASP.NET programmer often gets differentiated by the fast speed with which he adapts to the changes and how well he communicates with the rest of the team. Request a Free Quote

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