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5 Web Development Trends To Stay Updated In 2019

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2019-04-06

5 Web Development Trends To Stay Updated In 2019

Web development is not just getting more innovative and advanced by the day but the new frameworks and technologies surfacing in the web development world are completely changing the face of website development. Now, web development is revolving more around mobiles and customization according to user expectation. Choosing a web developer for your next project has become difficult as a majority of them showcase a multitude of talent and tech-innovations in their web development portfolio. But one key factor that can help you in finding the best web development company is their handiness towards the raging web development trends. In addition to helping in finding the right developer, these web development trends can also help you assure that your website is in line with the growing technologies in the digital ecosystem or whether it needs some revamping. With that thought in mind, here are the top web development trends that will help you stay updated in 2019.

Empowered Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are showing off their intellect to the entire world and this would become even more empowered in coming times. The bots working on Artificial Intelligence have the ability to collect data and learn from it. And its not just the bots. There are a number of virtual assistants like Siri, OK Google, Cortana, etc., and voice bots that are getting fueled by Artificial Intelligence to offer more precise results to any human query. The human intelligence imparted in machines through this Artificial Intelligence would be making the web developers to create a richer, more intuitive, and personalized experience. In fact, this task could be altogether left at the hand of the machines while the developers of focus on adding more value to the development through planning design strategies etc. AI algorithms are self-learning and can be used for the formulation of codes, identify code snippets, etc., for improved and faster web development. Automation through Artificial Intelligence would be the future of web development.

Incorporation Of Blockchain Technology

Notorious for its super secured and encrypted design, blockchain technology would be another leading trendsetter in web development. Satoshi Nakamoto's bitcoin set the era of this advanced technology and many web developers would now be using it to secure their websites. Adding transparency in working & transactions, and securing every byte of data collected and stored by an enterprise would be the key requirement from web developers. And through blockchain technology, it could be easily achieved. Whether it is a B2C business model, B2B business model or a C2C business model, businesses would be incorporating this technology in their web development to keep their data and actions secured. There are five different concepts about blockchain technology that would be implemented into development in the coming time. These are smart contracts, decentralized database consensus, advanced & trusted computing, and proof of work.

Single Page Applications

Single Page Applications aka SPAs are a type of web applications that do not require any further loading from the server. Rather, it enables easy interaction with the user through dynamic rewriting of the existing page. This makes the web page act like a desktop application and boosts the performance of the pages by minimizing any interruption. This also decreases the web development time as the navigation actions of the users would not require to fetch or be redirected to new HTML files from the server. The developers do not need to rewrite any code for rendering pages and make it easier and streamlined for them to develop these pages. In fact, native mobile applications can also be developed using the same codes, thus simplifying their work even further.

Intuitive Motion UI

With users becoming savvier to web surfing, their attention span and interest in websites that do not have a lot to offer are decreasing. To keep the visitors engaged, it is imperative for web developers to have more interesting and intuitive elements like animations, motion graphics, and transitions. This is made possible for the developers through Motion UI. They can quickly create customized CSS animations and transitions with this custom SaaS library. This SaaS library would allow the developers to offer more captivating, interactive, and intuitive graphic elements in the user interface.

API Designs

Application programming Interface aka API is the most raging trend in web development that should be incorporated in web design. The creation and implementation of API designs in allow for the implementation of more advanced features and functionalities in the website. API based web development also make a website future-ready for the revolutionizing internet of things aka IoT. The rising popularity of application programming interface, especially web APIs would be leveraged by web developers to make their websites and web design more interactive.

These are the raging web development trends that should be incorporated by the web developers in their development plans. This would enable them to stay updated and keep their users engaged with a more intuitive and interactive interface. Whether you are choosing a development company for your e-commerce store or are also planning to develop a website or amend the existing one according to the latest technology and user expectations, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain technology, single page application, motion UI, and API design, are the trends to look out for.

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    10 August, 2019 at 6:36 am

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