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Why domain registration is Important For Your Business- unknown reasons to explore?

Domain | Poonam | Mar 22, 2022

Whether you have a running business or wish to start a new one, you need a strong online presence. Doing a web search is commonly the fir...

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The 6 Best Types of Web Hosting to Consider in 2022

Domain | Poonam | Mar 15, 2022

What is Web Hosting?Websites are hosted on servers. The computers that house websites and the data related to those websites are call...

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Simple WordPress Security Tricks To Keep Your Website Secure in 2021

Domain | Poonam | Dec 29, 2020

It is common that many website owners complain about the security of WordPress. The idea is that an open-source script is exposed to diff...

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Types Of Generic Top Level Domains

Domain | Admin | Aug 18, 2014

A generic top-level domain which is commonly abbreviated as gTLD is one of the categories of top-level domains. This top level domain is ...

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The Importance of Choosing A Relevant Domain Name

Domain | Admin | Jul 10, 2014

A domain is the home of any website; it is the center of your internet identity. The Domain Name you use for your website has a huge impac...

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How to Get a Perfect Domain Name

Domain | Admin | Apr 14, 2014

One of the very important processes in website development is picking a right domain name. It is the text that internet users type into t...

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Domain Flipping: A Lucrative Business Opportunity

Domain | Admin | Oct 24, 2013

Ever heard of the term Domain Flipping? Now most people would answer in the negative when asked this question. But if I were to ask the s...

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Tips To Manage Your Domain Name Efficiently

Domain | Admin | May 13, 2013

A Domain name is an important aspect of your online business; it is the name by which people recognize any particular website & search fo...

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Why Domain Names Are Important

Domain | Admin | Feb 25, 2013

Anybody who has even a faint idea about websites will surely understand the importance of Domain names. With global business becoming a c...

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How To Choose The Best Domain Name For Your Business

Domain | Admin | Aug 30, 2012

Domain names are a must, if you are thinking of taking your business online. And in times like these i.e. when the competition is cut thr...

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Multiple Domain Names: More Is Good

Domain | Admin | Feb 23, 2012

After several hours of thinking and brainstorming, you must have come up with a perfect idea for a domain name. Hold your horses! It is n...

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Get To Know Your Webpage Domain Name Better

Domain | Admin | Dec 26, 2011

Interested in playing a simple game? Given two options-yourmainsite.comyourmainsite.com/your-web-page or yourwebpage.yourmainsi...

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Learn About SEO Friendly Domain Names

Domain | Admin | Sep 22, 2011

Earlier, an entrepreneur's success was determined by his sheer hard work, perseverance and a firm resolve to succeed. These were the esse...

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Some Steps For Registering A Domain Name

Domain | Admin | Sep 12, 2011

Registering a proper domain name is essential for creating the right online identity. Although there will be many names and combinations ...

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Determining The Perfect Domain Name For Your Website

Domain | Admin | Feb 10, 2011

At the time of getting your website developed from a professional web development company, you must have come across one important questi...

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Identifying Top-Level Domains

Domain | Admin | Oct 28, 2010

Domain Names are used in various Application-Specific Naming, Networking Contexts, and Addressing Purposes, which are organized in sub do...

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Long Tail Keywords: Significance In Domain Naming

Domain | Admin | Oct 21, 2010

Naming a domain brings with it a whole set of choices and alternatives that can easily confuse you. But a popular and significant tip giv...

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Factors to consider while naming your Domain for SEO

Domain | Admin | Oct 15, 2010

A domain can be defined as an identification of a website on the internet. A perfect domain name is considered the most important factor ...

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Investment in Domains

Domain | Admin | May 12, 2010

Internet is becoming a place where every single person wishes to mark its presence. The easy access to the internet and availability of y...

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What is a Domain Name ? How does a Domain Name work ?

Domain | Ankit Gupta | Feb 17, 2010

A Domain Name is attached to Domain Name System (DNS), which is a server enabled to translate numeric addresses (called IP, that is, Inte...

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Maximizing Your Domain's Potential

Domain | Ankit Gupta | Feb 17, 2010

Once a domain name has been created, the next target is to maximize the domain's potential. In order to bring most desirable results, the...

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How Can I Secure my website ?

Domain | Ankit Gupta | Feb 17, 2010

After procuring a domain name registration for your website, its time you secure your website. This is most necessary if you are contempl...

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How can I protect my Domain Name ?

Domain | Ankit Gupta | Feb 17, 2010

The ownership of domain name is determined by the information recorded in the central Whois database under the Registrant information sec...

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What are secure websites and why SSL certificates are ?

Domain | Ankit Gupta | Feb 17, 2010

When we log on to a website, information is sent from your computer to the web server, and from the web server to the computer. Anyone ca...

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Characteristics of Good Domain Names

Domain | Admin | Dec 31, 2009

Domain Name acts as a foundation stone for any website or a web page. They are used in URLs for the identification of the specific web pa...

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List of domain extension

Domain | Admin | Dec 10, 2009

Web extensions are a part of identity on the part of a large organization. This specially holds true for countries, giant corporations an...

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