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Why Joomla Has Become The Most Used CMS

Web Development | Admin | Updated: 2014-07-14

Why Joomla Has Become The Most Used CMS

Technically, Joomla is an efficient Content Management System (CMS) that has user-friendly interface and comes with lot of flexibility in terms of configuration and options. So, what is Content Management System? Well, it is all about managing a website through easy-to-use interface so as to create desired pages and links. What's more, it doesn't require you to know how to technically go about it.

Defining Joomla

Joomla is website software created in 2005. It is typically based on MySQL and PHP and has more than 200,000 contributors and community users. It can be downloaded for free by anyone who wants to design a website. Likewise, it can be freely used for designing templates and extensions.

Why Joomla Has Become The Most Used CMS?

Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal are the commonly used and recognized Content Management Systems worldwide. They all enable you to design and manage website and yet Joomla is preferred for different reasons such as:

  • Easy Installation: It is very easy to install Joomla. Right from downloading to acquiring a working script on the server, the processes take just about ten minutes.
  • Plugins: The working script of Joomla contains quite a lot of free plugins on the homepage and yet is very functional.
  • Support: Users get complete support with Joomla since a large quantity of programmers tutorials and tools is easily available for them. Besides, they can also get the desired support from discussion board.
  • Navigation Management: The script of Joomla consists of wide-ranging navigation system which is competent enough to efficiently manage various hierarchies. This simply means that the website can easily be managed even if it has hundreds of subpages.
  • Regular Updates: Once page design is complete, you would be required to renew the script to more advanced version at certain point of time. This can easily be done using the web browser.
  • Advanced Administration: Administration panel comes with several functions which may seem to be intimidating at the outset. Over time, though, you can learn them to make the best use of the script.

Today, a large number of website designers and developers in India prefer Joomla over other CMSs. The inclination towards Joomla Web Development in India speaks for the efficiency of the Joomla Website Software. Request a Free Quote

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