Why PhoneGap Development

PhoneGap apps are acknowledged for their seamless compatibility across the platforms like ios, Android, Windows etc. The apps developed with PhoneGap tools smoothly perform across the range of devices. PhoneGap app solutions are relied upon owing to greater efficiency and easy maintenance. PhoneGap app development is a cost effective option for getting a function rich mobile application.
  • A power-packed option of mobile app development
  • It gets an edge with Hybrid Technology
  • A framework optimized to perform effectively on the cross-platforms
  • Exploits the virtues of the standard web technologies to enhance UX
  • Exhibits an ideal blend of the native apps and the web

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Mobile Apps Developed By Us

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Advantages of PhoneGap Development

App Maintenance

With the selection of apt frameworks such as Ionic, KendoUI, jQuery mobile etc., the maintenance of PhoneGap apps becomes easier. Thanks to the Web app technology (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), which empowers users to conveniently maintain PhoneGap/Hybrid apps.

Acceptance Across The Platforms

The apps developed under PhoneGap banner always get an edge, as the developer can submit the apps across the multiples platforms like iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry using the user-friendly tool like Adobe PhoneGap.

Fast Development

Since the hassles of app development and deployment are lesser with PhoneGap, the developer can save substantial time, which could be substantially time-consuming in the case of native apps development.


The hybrid / PhoneGap app comes with the bliss of accessibility to diverse sets of libraries, and also they can be economically developed with hybrid / PhoneGap app development technology stack.

Interface Design

PhoneGap development tools like HTML5 and CSS3 are known to have impressive interface designing capabilities, thus designing the interface can be facilitated with numerous form factors, and the content can also be presently more dynamically.

Why Partner with WeblinkIndia for
Hybrid/PhoneGap App Development

  • Cross-Platform Expertise

    Our vast exposure in web technology, especially with HTML and CSS, which are the backbone of PhoneGap App Development, enables us to develop hybrid apps truly for the diverse platforms.
  • Apps Across the Genres

    No matter you need a mobile commerce hybrid app, a music app, or an educational app, we have proven our mettle across the diverse genres, while developing PhoneGap apps to enhance UX.
  • Native-Like Experience

    With a prowess to make the most out of PhoneGap APIs, we excel in providing native app-like experience to the PhoneGap app users. Our hybrid / PhoneGap apps are no less than any native apps.
  • Expert Developers

    At WeblinkIndia, we have a belief that ‘deliver nothing less than the best’. And, our highly talented pool of PhoneGap app developers possesses matchless expertise and years of experience, necessary to deliver feature-rich PhoneGap apps.
  • Impeccably Tested Apps

    We conduct rigorous testing for the PhoneGap app bugs and coding errors, and for this, only the technically sound resources are deployed at multiple stages of the development. Hence, our Hybrid / PhoneGap apps perform impeccably across the platforms.
  • Code Reuse

    We know that the best coding practices lead to better resource utilization and help in cost-cutting too. Thus, our codes remain reusable in the process of PhoneGap application development so that cost and time can be saved substantially.
  • Quick Turnaround Time

    In the realm of technology, to be competitive means to be timely. Thus, we remain alert and committed towards the timely delivery of the PhoneGap projects, coming our way.
  • Matchless Client & Maintenance Support

    With a sheer belief in ‘a happy client is a gateway to a successful presence’, we keep providing incessant support for the PhoneGap apps. We have also set a benchmark in providing exceptional support for PhoneGap app maintenance.
  • Cost Effectiveness

    Adoption of the best practices and disciplined approach make our PhoneGap app development solutions cost effective and highly reliable in terms of the technical superiority.
  • Client’s Priority First

    Clients’ priorities and their satisfaction hold utmost importance for us, and we have been thriving in the domain of web services with our clean track record of achieving the highest client satisfaction.

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