What Makes Java a Powerful Programming Language

What makes Java a powerful programming language? The following section will elaborate on the features that make Java one of the most preferred languages for programming and at the same time underscoring the attributes behind its usefulness for internet. Before we delve into the specialties of Java, let’s get a brief acquaintance with this popular programming language.

Java, created by Sun Microsystems in the year 1995, was not initially meant for internet. One of the significant features that made it extremely popular and useful for internet was its platform independence. The language was suitable for creating both small components and complex standalone applications. Some of the features that make Java a powerful programming language are as follows:

  •     Simplicity- Java is simple in the way that it is just an adaptation of C and C++ languages. It is attributed with better memory management and additional features such as garbage collection.
  •     Object-Oriented Programming- Object Oriented Programming methodology simplifies program writing and thus allows the programmers to deal with complex and large programs. This is one of the many features that make Java a more powerful programming language than many others.
  •    Reliability- In Java programming there is a series of checks to ensure that the programs are completely reliable. Sensing probable problems and detecting runtime errors ensure that all the programming issues are resolved beforehand.
  •    Security- There are a number of features incorporated in Java to make it a secure programming language. For example, when an applet is downloaded from the internet, Java confines it to the Java execution environment rather than allowing it to access system resources.  This is really effective in preventing security breach.
  •    Portability- The internet is a sea where multiple Operating Systems and computers converge.  This calls for programs that can run on all types of Operating Systems. Java allows the creation of portable executable codes, one of the foremost requirements for an internet language.

The details mentioned above reveal why Java is considered to be the leading programming language. There are many more attributes that only strengthen this belief. It can be aptly concluded that Java has assimilated the best of the best technologies and come up as an innovative solution to many of the common problems associated with programming.

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