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Dark Websites: Everything You Need To Know

Web Development | Admin | Last Updated: 2014-11-27

Dark Websites: Everything You Need To Know

Colours leave a deep impact on the mood and psyche, and entice the visitors to the websites or make them leave the websites in jiffy. This blog would apprise you about Dark Websites and Everything You Need To Know. Dark Websites lend a striking visual impact on the viewers but are not suited for the many works. The websites give a very elegant & creative feel but when the various elements are kept cluttered on the website, the website accentuates a heavy feeling. There are various things that should be kept in mind while designing a Dark Website, such as:

  • Use of White Space

It is imperative that any Dark Website should have a good use of white space throughout the design, and the elements, which can get lost in the dark background, should also be outlined white. The dark background gives a lot of depth to the design and evenly distributed white space makes the layout look very sophisticated.

  • Use of Minimal Colour Schemes

One should opt for minimal colour schemes while designing the Dark Websites. It helps in keeping the website's look clean and uncluttered. Busy colour schemes on the other hand lend a contrast that is too sharp and cannot make the visitors stay on the website even for few seconds.

  • Offer a Style Switcher

Many designers suggest having a style switcher for the Dark Websites. Dark Websites are less readable websites as many visitors find reading text on the dark background a strain on their eyes. With the help of style switcher, one can easily read the dark text on the light background. Style switcher works with the aid of two style sheets, the default dark layout and light layout.

Dark colour signifies authority and strength, and is ideal for creative projects. Majority of web users believe that modern sleek websites with dark backgrounds look very classy. The grungy and hand-drawn backgrounds also look nice on the dark backgrounds. Hopefully, the insights would help you while designing Dark Website or getting it designed from Professionals Web Designers
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