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Difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 ?

Web Development | Admin | Last Updated: 2009-10-03

Difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 ?

Web 1.0 It all started with the advent of the internet in early 2000. In those days, internet use was minimal and unexplored. Softwares were designed to access the internet easily. Web 1.0 proved to be popular. With the passage of time, it was found that Web 1.0 will not be able to cope up with the growing net traffic. Gradually users found its limitations. In Web 1.0 information once accessed could not be Availed again. The flow of information was static. Today's times, interacting over the internet is one of the most essential aspect of the internet. Web 1.0 lacked the competence to support blogs, online discussion forums etc. Morever, there was no way to rectify if any changes were to be made in downloaded files. Soon it was realized that Web 1.0 cannot be relied upon when it came to privacy settings. Such flaws fuelled the need to enhance Web 1.0 to another level, that is now called Web 2.0

Web 2.0 To live upto the present internet usage, Web 1.0 was bound to be upgraded. This upgradation gave birth to Web 2.0 (For those who think the journey of internet ends here, should see Web 3.0, which will be bloom sooner than expected). Web 2.0 had all those features one could probably ask for. It was well managed, advanced and most importantly, it was devoid of same flaws Web 1.0 was infected with. Web 2.0 cannot be technically defined but it suited the market to a great extent--- all the softwares could be operated, downloading of files was possible and it was less time consuming. Web 2.0 opened a new window of hope for the upcoming generations, software professionals, technicians etc. Though they have their own advanced software these days, Web 2.0 applications can never be fully ignored. As mentioned earlier, with the increasing web traffic and rise in the number of users, Web 2.0 will be further developed into Web 3.0, a sophistication of its present self. In this fast-paced world of technology, coping up with changes is most essential. For the benefit of humanity, man has been coming up with advanced technologies so that each and everyone will be able to enjoy the facilities of scientific advancement.

Key Differences Connectivity :- When compared to Web 1.0, connectivity in Web 2.0 is more reliable and carries more for users.

Usage :- Since one could not indulge in many activities with the help of Web 1.0, Web 2.0 comes with added features which enable users to share opinions. Web 2.0 is has more commercial usage than Web 1.0

Advanced Browsers :- Initially Web 1.0 was all about HTML, but today, Web 2.0 has been upgraded to XML which is more advanced and fast.

Immovability :- Since Web 1.0 websites are static, wherein a person cannot get back to the desired page once left. This in turn used to cause a lot of inconvenience. Web 2.0 offers the facility to the user to get to any desired page with just a click.

Support :- Compared to Web 1.0, there is ample infrastructure to support Web 2.0 based applications.

Dynamic System Tools :- The software used in Web 2.0 based applications is AJAX. It is more powerful which than that of Web 1.0, which is termed J2EE.

Interactions :- Interactions on Web 1.0 sites were impossible. Users could only visit such sites. Today, when blogging and interacting with people is an important marketing tool, certain websites like Wikipedia offers the users to comment on or alter articles. Technology is moving at a faster pace and users are equally restless. Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 are like a classroom activity, where Web 1.0 is the lecture and Web 2.0 is about discussions and opinions.

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