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Which Is A Better Option - WordPress Or Custom Website Development?

Web Development | Poonam | Updated: 2022-05-11

Which Is A Better Option - WordPress Or Custom Website Development?

In todays world digital; marketing has taken the total front seat though it has still not been able to totally replace all other forms of marketing. But one thing is for sure that it is in the drivers seat and thus if you are an owner of a company, it becomes imperative that you have a website that is created to absolute perfection. It is the deciding factor for your brands success.

Web development has come to be one of the most important tools for brand marketing digitally because it is seen as the platform where you are conspicuous to all your customers across the globe.

It is this very place where your patrons learn about your products, their varieties and qualities and what are the other items that you are offering to them. In other words, it is this platform that showcases your company to all your customers. So naturally, there has to be that element of perfection in your website.

So it becomes a point of vital note that when you launch your new website you have the help of the custom web designers at your service. Only then will you be able to do justice to your company and to your site. But while launching your website you will be in a conflict within yourself about what is best for your site is it WordPress or is it Custom Website Development. Further on we will discuss possibilities of discussing both possibilities so that you are free of all conflicts within yourself.

A Website Built On WordPress

But first, you must know what is WordPress? WordPress is a content management system which will give you the benefit of hosting and building websites with plugin architecture and a template system. It helps you to make your website as you wish it to be and especially it takes care of your business needs. You can have blogs, portfolios or online stores built into your website with the help of WordPress. Here it simply means that you can create your own website.

How To Build A Website On WordPress?

Based on your requirements, as a user, you are offered with a variety of pre-built templates from which you can choose. The platform is an open-source platform which allows you to find both paid and free templates. With this, you also are offered with many advantages that make WordPress a very suitable medium. The advantages are:

1. The Expenses

If you are a bit tight on your budget, then WordPress is the choice that should help you out because it is very cost-effective. The templates come in a variety of price ranges that you could choose from. And it guarantees you that you will find one that suits your budget, it is so variable in its price range. No manual work is required here so there is no need for you to pay a web designer for the same.

2. Flexibility

There are many themes that are designed for various sectors. So here you get the relaxation of choosing from e-commerce, magazine templates and blogs. You fit them as per your requirement.

3. Plugin Variety

If you think that your website is done with just a good design to ensure success then you are wrong. You have to get it SEO-optimized, fast & responsive, mobile optimized and all other related stuff. This is ensured by the best team of web designers whom you can engage to design your website. With a host of plugins, you can build a website that is highly engaging and performing well.

4. Minimum Functions

WordPress becomes a drawback when you have to build a website with multiple custom made features or with a layout that is unique. Although you can customize with WordPress, it can be done only to a certain extent and not beyond.

5. Security Lapse

It is not fully secure as it is likely to put your site into security issues. Although there are security upgrades from time to time, there are always chances that there will be an attack on your platform and you could face issues with your website. If you think you have information that is sensitive, then it is better not to use WordPress to host your site on the internet.

How To Build A Custom Website?

But, if you are not comfortable with WordPress web development for your website, then a custom web development is what you need. But this is a thing that must be done right from the very first step onwards. You get nothing that is already there. It has to be totally built over. And this is not what you can do on your own because there are no templates and the other ready stuff. So you will have to rope in professionals who can help you with your website. Factors that are to be taken into consideration before having a custom-built website are:

1. Pronounced Control Over It

A custom website built by companies who do custom web development in India will give you your own website that is totally built on your terms and conditions. Thus it suits your purpose fully well. You will not have to overcome any barriers when you want to insert something that suits your requirement.

2. Greater Speed

Custom-built websites are faster because they are not loaded with the plugins of WordPress which is a hindrance to their speed. As custom websites have them built into them, they are faster.

3. Higher Security

As custom-built websites have a closed source platform they are more secure and safer. You will not be faced with any security issues.

4. Takes Longer To Develop

It is a very time-consuming way of building your website. It has to be worked on from scratch, it requires a lot of time. Even after it goes live, changes still need to be made which again requires time.

5. Very Expensive

Custom-built websites are very expensive to make because it requires a lot of expertise and time. This you cannot do on your own. You will need to hire a professional to do this.

Whether you use WordPress or custom build your website it does not matter. What matters most is that you must choose carefully when you build your website because it is the most important aspect of your business and how it will develop and which road it will take. So think carefully and choose wisely before getting your website designed.

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    23 June, 2022 at 6:05 pm

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