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Which One is better WordPress Or Drupal?

Web Development | Poonam | Updated: 2021-05-17

Which One is better WordPress Or Drupal?

Are you struggling to understand the difference between WordPress and Drupal? You may have seen plenty of WordPress hosting provider, but that doesnt mean that it is the only way to build websites.
In this article, we will be learning about the difference between WordPress and Drupal. Drupal is another popular content managing system.

Before we start and learn the details, let us have a quick introduction to the two content management systems that are in comparison. These two systems give you the self-hosted solution which creates and manages all your contents on the website.

How To Stack Up As Content Management Systems?

WordPress is the world\'s most popular content management system. This was first launched in the market as a blogging platform in the year 2013. Today this powers around 39.5% of all the websites and also helps control a massive 39.5% of the known content management system market.

What is Drupal used for?

Drupal existed much before WordPress but it still lacks the WordPress' notable market share. This was first introduced to the market in 2000. Today this powers around 2.3% of all the websites and it have a 4.6% share of the content management system market.

Looking at the 2004 Google trends, we can point out that both WordPress and Drupal content management system had a pretty quick rise in fame. Today these are simply kind of a slump. Having a look at the market share growth, it can be said that both these content management system has grown over the years.

Advantages Of WordPress And Drupal

If you check the web for discussion of Drupal vs WordPress you will get several of devotees on both sides. Following are some of the most common reason for choosing one platform over others.

Benefits Of WordPress

  • Easy To Use : Compared to Drupal, WordPress is more user-friendly mainly for the non-developers.
  • Extensibility : The third party themes and the plugin communities of WordPress make it similarly easy to use. One can extend WordPress without the need for any custom development. Some people also claim that using the right extensions, WordPress can do anything which Drupal can do.
  • Easy To Get Help : The massive global community of WordPress means that it is very easy to find support for any issue which you run into.
  • Lower Development Costs : In WordPress, you will get more out of the box solutions and also the developers of WordPress are usually more affordable than the developers of Drupal.

Benefits Of Drupal

  • Custom Content Views And Types : Though in WordPress you will get custom post type, several people choose the custom content types of Drupal to be a bit more flexible.
  • User Permission/Access Controls : Among all the other difference between Drupal and WordPress, the access control and user permission are also different. While there are single site-ships with five basic user roles in WordPress, in Drupal you will get built-in access control system where you can create new roles with individual permissions.
  • The Core Support For Multilingual Sites : The multilingual function in Drupal 8 is basked into the core but in case of WordPress the sites need to turn into the third party plugins.
  • Taxonomies To Handle Data : The taxonomy system of Drupal is more flexible than WordPress, this makes it ideal to handle lots of content.

The difference between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 is quite different. You can learn about them by visiting the site.

How Easy Is It To Run And Get Up With Drupal And WordPress?

WordPress is a winner when it comes to building a website with each platform.
WordPress: Learning Curve And Ease Of Use

WordPress makes it very easy to go from zero to a completely functional website which looks good. Using WordPress, it is possible to find a niche-specific theme and have a working site all in an afternoon\'s work. The interface of WordPress is simple for even most casual users to quickly grasp. The tools such as WYSIWYG theme customised and also the Gutenberg editor that is upcoming is only making it easier for casual users to make unique and meaningful content.
Drupal : Learning Curve And Ease Of Use

With Drupal, you are looking at pretty much the opposite. Though there are themes in Drupal most of the websites sport the themes that are custom-codes or at least are highly customised themes. This also means that you are usually going to need a developer just to get something for your website that looks good.
The interface of Drupal is not comprehensible for most of the causal users. Drupal has a usability page which says, about the Drupal authoring experience.
What is drupal cms? In general, people usually expect a much richer user experience around the content creation which drupal provides. For functionality that people consider standard for a CMS is a simple mission. Though it is functional at the basic level, it is not exactly the most user-friendly content creation experience compared to WordPress.

How To Increase Website Using WordPress And Drupal?

You can extend both Drupal and WordPress with the add-ons which affect both:

  • Aesthetics : Both Drupal and WordPress call these themes
  • Functionality : Drupal calls these modules while WordPress calls these plugins

How Many Themes And Plugins Does WordPress Have?

While the raw number of extensions doesnt inherently mean WordPress is better, it is a good indicator of the size and importance of the third-Party WordPress Ecosystem.
WordPress has:

  • 5000+ free themes along with thousands of more premium themes.
  • 53000+free plugins along with thousands of more premium plugins.
  • How Many Themes And Plugins Does Drupal Have?
  • 2500+ themes
  • 39000+ modules.

Are WordPress And Drupal Secure Equally?

Drupal and WordPress both are safe and secured systems. In the real world, Drupal is more secured. It is worth noting that this advantage does stem more from human error than it does flaws in the WordPress core.

  • WordPress Security : Though the core of WordPress is secured, the massive third-party ecosystem introduces a ton of Wildcards that arent as prevalent in Drupal sites.
  • Drupal Security : The selling point of Drupal is the lockdown security which is why it is a popular content management system for the government institutions and other large, security-conscious players. In contacts the WordPress, Drupal only accounted for 2% of the hacked websites which Sucuri looked at, which is well under its market share of 4.7%.

Along with its enterprise-level security, Drupal also publishes detailed security reports and is generally more transparent about its security than WordPress.

WordPress Vs Drupal : Which Is Better?

This is the question that you are looking answer for but it is also a flawed question as it is hard to say whether WordPress or Drupal is better. Rather than this, the helpful question is that you ask which is one is good for the specific website you are trying to build.

You should be more focused on choosing the right tool for your project. A company that provides Web Designing Service in Delhi will provide you with the best solutions to the problems that you face.
They will tell you which one would be better if you want to create a website with a real estate web design.
Therefore think about your choice and your project before you choose a content management system.

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