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Drupal For Your Online Business

Web Development | Ankit Gupta | Updated: 2013-12-03

Drupal For Your Online Business

In recent years, thousands of Content Management System (CMS) platforms have been introduced that have contributed in managing and developing website content. These CMS platform dont require any professional skills and are extremely easy to install.

What is Drupal?

Developed over 10 years back, Drupal is a popular open source CMS platform that allows end users to publish a wide variety of contents on a website. From social support systems, to e-commerce solutions, this CMS can be used in a variety of different ways. Fast loading time and a flexible infrastructure, Drupal based websites are considered the best by many.

Features of Drupal

This is a great tool for managing contents online; here are the top five reasons why Drupal should be chosen over any other popular CMS platform.

  • Support of the Community: With millions of users working on Drupal every single day, the Drupal users community has expanded multifold during the past few years. Advanced features and plugins are being introduced to make this system even more useful. In addition to this, the Drupal community forum is a place where developers and users interact on various issues of this PHP based platform.
  • Content Management: Even People with non-technical background can easily edit and manage, publish and organize contents online. To maintain content adherence, users role and permission can be defined to offer restricted access and capabilities to different users.
  • Template Customization: With this type of CMS, customizing the web design, color and the layout is pretty easy. Thousands of pre-made themes can be easily downloaded from the internet and you can always modify them to suit your needs. Even if you are not a programmer, you can still incorporate new changes and features in your website.
  • Time Saver: Only those who have gone through the pains of developing a website from scratch would realize how time-consuming it can be. With this open source platform, websites are fairly easy to design and customize.
  • Economical: Since this is a free open source software, designing a website around it is extremely economical. If you lack technical knowledge, you always have an option to hire an expert. The charges of a availing the services of an expert are nominal, with no issues of hidden charges.

In addition to these advantages, with this CMS you can easily create a spectacular looking website for your business. If managed properly, you can avail the best benefits of Drupal Website Development and thereby ensure the success of your online business.

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