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6 Secrets For Better Web Application Development

Web Development | Admin | Updated: 2014-10-23

6 Secrets For Better Web Application Development

It is no secret that every web application developer should be well-versed with OOP and scripting languages. But apart from that every web application developer should also take care of some requisites, which even experienced web application developers many times tend to ignore. Below are some useful tips for web application development:

Incorporate Tool Tips in Web App

Incorporating tool tips in the web application can make the web application very user-friendly. The tool tips also help the users to learn operating the whole application oneself and without any aid of a trainer.

Provide Multiple Ways to Execute a Task

There should always be many ways a task in the web application could be accomplished. For example if a user wants to show a picture on the web application's window, there should be many options to do so. These options can be like:

  • the user should be able to drag the picture from the desktop & place in the application's window
  • the user should be able to directly browse the image from the applications browser pallet or some other option

Make Effective Use of Modal Pop-ups

Some developers make their web applications frustrating experience for the users by inserting frequent modal pop-ups at several steps. Pop-ups are an important means of providing information but should be incorporated in the application in a limited number.

Provide Status Messages

In many web applications certain actions take long rendering times. It is advised to provide status messages for such actions so that the user gets an idea about how much time the action would take to complete.

Invite Beta Testers & Take Feed Back

Last but not the least after you have completed the web application, before presenting it to the client, get the beta tests done. The beta testers can be your loyal clients whom you have served before also. These beta testers can use the application and give you a reliable feedback.The web application development community is growing fast and networking with other developers would broaden your knowledge. Joining Facebook groups and checking Twitter lists is a great way to start networking.

The more you share your knowledge with other web application developers on these social networking sites, the more other developers would be ready to share their knowledge with you

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