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7 Boss Tips for Converting Leads & Improve Rankings

Web Development | Poonam | Updated: 2020-12-29

7 Boss Tips for Converting Leads & Improve Rankings

Just imagine- you own a website that runs fine. One day, the conversion rate drop, and the bounce rate increases. Your heart is pounding & racing, you're helpless! Suddenly, the alarm rings. Phew, it was a nightmare indeed. These two reasons are prime goons that are held responsible for website downfall. But, inconsistency in the web design is another reason for the degradation of the site.

A lot of e-commerce sites are conceived using PHP, there remain some minor lacunae that a PHP developer ignores. Since PHP websites are easy to maintain and amend, most companies choose them for creating a website. But, nothing in the digital world is flawless. There's room for improvement in every e-commerce PHP website design.

The website design holds great significance. Considering the existing trends of website designing, minor lacunae will pin it to Nah, I shall not prefer this site list of users. Symptoms of a lethargic website design include lack of imagery, outdated graphics, inadequate content, and inappropriately placed CTA, you simply cannot expect the website to upsurge.
Many imposter bloggers claim to guarantee decreased bounce rate across the internet. We are not imposters because ahead in this write-up, you will come across some essential practices that will help in modifying website design & reduce the bounce rate.

Professional Practices for Homepage Modification

  • Brand Voice Integration

A crooked face isn't praiseworthy and a homepage is the face of a website. It keeps the visiting traffic engaged and hence, it becomes essential to integrate the brand voice so that visitors notice the big thing first. Hence, the homepage should be designed specifically for conveying the brand message. However, it is essential to follow market trends on a safer side while integrating the brand's voice.

  • Share Value Preposition

Ever pondered that why brands advertise exclusive deals and discounts, especially during festive seasons? Recall those blingy adverts that flash on Flipkart & Amazon apps during the Great Indian Festive Sale. Lucrative offers always catch the attention of buyers and that's the strategy for placing ads on the homepage. It is a multi-purpose tip to endure more user engagement. Once done, it will automatically catch the sight.

  • Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

This is the golden rule of crafting an effective homepage. A cluttered homepage is the abode of confusion. Imagine yourself as a buyer who cannot find the CTA or what he is looking for? You'll simply leave the website. As previously said, the increased bounce rates decrease conversion rates. Then how do find the right solution? It is nothing like breaking a tough nut; you just require utilizing the white space rightly. Today, most e-commerce websites worship this trend.

  • HQ Imagery
  • Your website has a laudable website design only when high-quality imagery is integrated. No PHP web developer would prefer adding low-quality imagery. The inclusion of low-quality imagery erects a question mark on the credibility of the brand. Moreover, buyer psychology plays with images. If the image is pixilated, the first impression will not be positive. On the other hand, a product with HQ imagery has higher chances for a sale. Regardless of the product, the HQ imagery is accepted to boost the charm & sales together.
  • Nowadays, PHP web developers use cinemagraphs. That is a hybrid term for GIFs. Cinemagraphs comprise a list of GIFs that runs continuously on a loop. It is quite popular among website designing companies in India. GIFs convey the message louder. Hence, many websites incorporate GIFs suitably.
  • The CTA Button Placement

CTA is a key element that holds prominence in increasing conversion rates. Its main motive is to drive the attention of the visitor because as per the unproclaimed law of PHP website designing, the whole content of the webpage is equivalent to a strategically positioned CTA button. You must follow these rules while creating the CTA button:

  • Use of persuasive and compelling words instead of using Submit
  • Placing it in the F-pattern on the landing page
  • Choose an appealing color according to the landing page color scheme
  • Be bold and hit the point
  • The Color-Contrast Experiment

A man, someone you don't know (even we don't) said that change is the need of time, and not embracing it defines lack of prosperity. In the world of web design in India, you got to acknowledge that change is the key to consistency. Without experimenting, it will be tough for a web designer to understand the need for the apt right color scheme. Immediately change if you are website is stuck with a decade-old color scheme. Trends change and preferences are changed instantly. Around 7% of the increased bounce rates happen due to a lethargic color scheme. Since web design is the USP, it should withstand the competition, and resonate with the message. Baskin Robbins, McDonald's, Burger King, Sprite, and major international food chain brands like these are remarkable examples for experimenting with color schemes.

  • The Human Touch

Absolutely! The inclusion of human faces strengthens the closeness b/w a person and the brand. As per a study, around 73% are likely to be made when the brand is providing a personalized touch. It can be done by adding appropriate and appealing human images. Make sure that you don't compromise with the image quality and expressions of people. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words! Maximize the use of impactful images instead of using vibrant ones. Even your favorite online e-commerce store practices it.

Summarizing It Up

You just scrolled past some noted approved practices that assure decreased bounce rates. By implementing these strategies, your website will surely magnetize leads. With the right understanding of apt strategies that help in boosting traffic & conversions, you will be able to convert leads in the right way. With the rightly created homepage, the website visitors can easily understand and use the website.

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