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Debated For Long - MySQL And PostgreSQL

Web Development | Admin | Last Updated: 2012-01-16

Debated For Long - MySQL And PostgreSQL

You must have observed that RDBMS is a word that is used frequently in today's age of Information Technology for information storage. RDBMS is basically a Relational Data Base Management System in which the data is stored in a tabular format. The relations between the data are also stored in tables. The two major players in the domain of RDBMS are MySQL and PostgreSQL.

The discussions and debates about these two systems have gained popularity. The two have their own distinct features and advantages that set them apart. MySQL is essentially an RDBMS which is supporter, developed and distributed by Oracle. DBMS plays an important role in activities like processing, adding and modifying data in a database. It is written in C and C++. It is the ideal choice for use in web applications. Since it is open source software, it is accessible for anyone to use and modify. You can even download it from the net free of cost! You can even modify it suit your work requirements. Some of the features that make the MySQL popular are:

  • The database is faster, flexible and easy to mange.
  • Specially designed to handle the large volumes of data or databases
  • Perfect for high demand environments

PostgreSQL, on the other hand, is an ORDBMS i.e. an Object RDBMS. The PostgreSQL is also open source software. It supports most of the SQL standard. Since it is open standard, the user can modify is to suit the work requirements. The PostgreSQL offers many features like triggers, and foreign keys. It also manages concurrency through MVCC. It also has several advantages that make it an attractive option for user. Some of them are:

  • Data can be compressed and decompressed
  • Faster reading
  • Saves space on the disk

Both, MySQL and PostgreSQL, are data base management systems that have their own features and distinctions. The choice of the right DBMS depends on your work requirements and the usage comfort.

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