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Transforming a Blog into Website via WordPress

Web Development | Admin | Last Updated: 2010-07-12

Transforming a Blog into Website via WordPress

Today, when everyone is striving to create his/her unique online identity, standing out from the crowd has become a real challenge. Especially if you are depending upon a social networking site or even on an advanced pre-built content management framework like Wordpress, the monotone of templates, images, animation doesn't break. If you are also facing a similar challenge of breaking this monotone, here are some useful tips that will help you create dynamic themes for your blogs that are far better than the already established ones.

Consistent and Customized Sidebar The basic presentation of Wordpress webpage, involves a sidebar with inbuilt titles like Archives,Categories and Blogroll, these can be easily modified by editing the sidebar.php file in the theme directory. Apart from this, Wordpress templates show different side bars on different pages, however, it is advised to display the same side bar on all the pages to offer consistency and professional look to the sidebar. Apart from this, one can also duplicate categories and control which categories are actually displayed.

Changing the Default Title Bar The monotone of Wordpress can also be challenged and changed by changing the default display of the Title Bar. The default coding of Wordpress title bar is:

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