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A Good Web Site: What All Does It Include

Web Development | Admin | Updated: 2013-10-21

A Good Web Site: What All Does It Include

How many times have you clicked on a website link & found that it took ages to open? How many times has it happened that you opened a website link but found that you could make no sense of where to go & could not even find what you were looking for? Or to give an example of a situation that almost all of us would have encountered at one or other time while browsing the Internet remember that time when you were looking up a particular topic or product related information on different websites & found the same copied content everywhere? Well, these are just a few examples of the frustrating problems that we, as Internet users, experience on a regular basis One thing is quite evident from a glance at all these problems making a good website is no child's play, for sure. This article deals with highlighting some such aspects or attributes that contribute to making a good website.

Attributes of a Good Website

  • Content - In most cases, the user logs on to a website to find information about a particular product/service. Hence it is obvious that the information or the content should be top-of-the-line. Simply stated, the content on the web pages should be unique. Unique content attracts more users, generates more leads, and a gets a higher ranking for your website on search engines. Also, another essential thing is to update the content on regular basis.
  • Mass Appeal - Another important aspect of Web Design India is to ensure that there are enough graphic elements on your web pages. This breaks the monotony of having to read through large amounts of content which can get quite boring. Users, in such cases, are more likely to leave in search for a more interesting website. An attractive website with the use of graphic elements in the right proportion will ensure that it holds the interest of visitors.
  • Information Structure - It is important to ensure that the hierarchy of information on the web pages progresses in a clear manner. This makes the website usable and doesn't confuse the visitors.
  • Navigation - As even an amateur will tell you, easy to navigate website attracts more visitors. Once a visitor logs into a website, he should not feel lost as to where to go next. Some aspects of an easy to navigate website involve inclusion of a site map and a search column. There should be consistency in design on all the pages too.

By keeping these points in mind, you can avoid a badly designed website & in process, save loss of productivity, costs and can generate more leads for your online business. Request a Free Quote

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