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Website Wire-frame The Skeletal Framework Of Website

Web Development | Admin | Last Updated: 2014-03-06

Website Wire-frame  The Skeletal Framework Of Website

The schematic blueprint or skeletal framework of a Website is known as a Website Wireframe. This framework is used to define different pages and arrangement of elements over them. The main function of Website Wireframe is to arrange all the elements that will be displayed on different pages of the Website. It is also used for making a layout that determines the content priority, functionality and behavior. All in all it can be said that this schematic blueprint serves as a visual guide for arrangement of elements over a website page. Following sections will give you a brief overview about functions and elements of this visual guide.

Functions Of A Website Wireframe

  • The first and the most important function of a Website Wireframe, is to determine the sequence of information display over a Website page.
  • Website Wireframe also comprises of the navigational system of the website that will determine how the user will navigate through the Website from one page to another.
  • The rule of information and graphic display over a website page is also determined by the Website Wireframe.
  • Website Wireframe also determines the different functionalities of the website and their arrangement.
  • The graphics, visuals and scenarios that are added to a Website page are positioned on the Website Wireframe to make sure that they are getting appropriate position over the page.

Elements Of Website Wireframe Navigational Design

This element of the Website Wireframe is used to determine the placement of navigational points over a Website page. These points are set to enable easy surfing through the different pages of the website.

User Interface Design

Interface design on a Website Wireframe is used for arranging interface elements. Common interface elements are check-boxes, drop-down menus, radio buttons and action buttons. The goal of this design is enable efficiency and usability of the website for the visitors.

Information Design

Prioritization of information and its placement are the principal goals of the Website Wireframe. Therefore information design serves to be the most important element of this visual guide. This element is used for determining the information and graphic display of the Website in order to facilitate clear communication of information.

Website Wireframe is a very efficient designing tool that is used to design websites. Many website developers are using this designing tool to create a perfect Website Design in India. Website Wireframe has managed to attract quite a lot of popularity as an excellent visual guide amongst website developers all around the world. Request a Free Quote

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