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6 Website Redesign Tips That Keep The SEO Intact

Web Development | Poonam | Updated: 2020-11-26

6 Website Redesign Tips That Keep The SEO Intact

They say looks do not matter.
It does. Yes, appearance matters and you cannot deny this bitter truth. Now, instead of dragging things far, I would come to the point. Google loves websites that are loved by users. Factors like the website framework, webpage appearance, use of graphics, SEO, etc., are widely considered for judging the look of the website. Even after a retouch, a lot of factors remain evident for determining the rankings of a website. If you are reading this line, you must have got a rough idea about what we will be reading ahead.

I am talking about website redesigning. And, if you are familiar with website redesigning then you also know about the intimacy between SEO & website. They have been together since day one and conceived high rankings. It is a major misconception that SEO has to be done just once. No, it has to be done multiple times because the website gets altered a lot while undergoing a redesign to make it compatible with mobiles. And, it might affect your business marketing goals too!

However, the above stated cannot be the ONLY reason. There could be a lot more reasons behind giving a mobile web design a fresh look. Depending on the glitch, you got to implement all changes uniformly with the aim of crafting a perfect mobile web design and that too without hurting the SEO. As you will proceed, understanding the strategy of mobile web development will become facile.

  • A New Temporary URL

The foremost rule of revamping a website design is to create a temporary web URL. Under any circumstances, no responsible website designer in India will perform redesigning on a running website. There is a higher probability of inviting third-party invasions which will make you end up in a not-so-good experience. Moreover, it will keep the website SEO intact and make further changes a cakewalk for the web designer. Hence, copying the entire website and performing the surgery on the temporary URL will resolve the hassle to a great extent.

  • Shifting The Webpage

Ask any mobile website developer and he/she will agree to shift selective web pages to a new temporary URL instead of deleting them. In the simplest words, shifting the webpage to a temporary URL prevents the negative impact on the pre-existing SEO. Even if the previous URL gets deleted but gets the same equivalent, you can use 301 directs. Using the 301 becomes mandatory because it covers:

  • Creating a new page with the same functionality as the old ones
  • Shifting web pages to a new section without changing the page name
  • Removing a subdomain without hampering the details/information mentioned in it

You might be eager to gain more insights into the need of using 301 Direct. Here we go- it is mandatory to use 301 Direct because, in its absence, the user will see a 404 Error on clicking the page link. It happens because when a generic webpage ranks higher than other web pages due to reasons like magnetizing high page traffic or has plenty of backlinks will redirect the user to the page's URL. Under such a condition, the webpage & website will not lose traffic. Even Google will not downgrade the SEO on the website.

  • Guard Website Content

And, we cannot forget the inextricable part of every website-- it's content. Although content breathes life into a website, it is not essential that the same old grains of content will fit into the new website design. Even if it fits, it will not complement the visual appeal. The worst part is yet to come. Even Google may not like the content because there is always a scope of improvement, as we learned during elementary years. Thus, guarding the website content becomes essential because re-writing it entirely is indeed cumbersome. Still, you can sneak in more benefits without making too many changes. Here is how:

  • Rephrasing The Word Count

Start from scratch and think like an editor. If editing is not your cup of tea then outsource professional content writing services. Include catchy words and phrases in your content because Google loves a lot of words. De-clutter the clumsiness and keep the essential content that ticks the reader.

  • Keep a Copy of Previous Texts

Once in a blue moon after a website redesign, you may witness a downfall in the CTR and depreciation in Google rankings. Thus, you should play on the safer side and maintain a copy of all previous texts. During such a scenario, replace the new content with previous texts and see if there are any changes in CTR and website rankings.

  • Google Webmaster Tools

What else can be the best option to check the existing lacunae in the website than the Google Webmaster tool? Once you are through the website redesigning, next comes determining the minor loopholes. Using Google Webmaster, you can effortlessly detect the weak points like a broken link and fix the glitch conveniently.

  • Examining Verification Status

Verification status is a test performed on a website for determining if it is crawlable. In order to check the status, you need to use Fetch as Google, an option available under crawler. When everything is done, you simply need to click on Fetch and Render. If these tests turn out to be positive, the website is entirely crawlable. To re-check the website verification, log in to the webmaster tool account. If it lacks verification then repeat the process.

  • Monitoring Website Growth

Keep an eye on the content, keywords, traffic, CTR, and SEO to monitor the growth of the website. You must use different tools for SEO, suggested by Google, to monitor the growth for 90 days. It is the apt period for determining the real-time growth that can be tracked easily.

And, you just scrolled past the 6 tips that help in keeping the website afloat even after getting it redesigned. Since website redesigning is a process that affects the site inward & outward, it affects SEO. Hence, you must keep a close watch on different aspects while getting the website redesigned.

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