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Web Hosting

The 6 Best Types of Web Hosting to Consider in 2022

Web Hosting | Poonam | Mar 15, 2022

What is Web Hosting?Websites are hosted on servers. The computers that house websites and the data related to those websites are call...

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Why Choose Professional Web Hosting Services?

Web Hosting | Poonam | Jul 02, 2021

If you want to get a website online, then you are going to need web hosting. Without a web host, there is no way for your visitors to acc...

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Different Types for Hosting for Your Online Website

Web Hosting | Poonam | Sep 09, 2019

To be omnipresent, the development of a website of your business is of paramount importance. A well-constructed website bestows the right...

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5 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Web Hosting Plan

Web Hosting | Anurag Gupta | Apr 26, 2019

Launching a website starts with buying a domain name and taking a web hosting plan from a trusted company. Finding the right hosting for ...

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How To Resolve Issues With Web Host Before Making A Permanent Shift

Web Hosting | Anurag Gupta | Feb 06, 2019

With web hosting companies guaranteeing 99.9% network uptime, instant activations, unlimited bandwidth, constant backup, etc., businesses...

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Tips To Choose The Best Website Hosting Company

Web Hosting | Ankit Gupta | Feb 12, 2015

A website hosting service is a kind of internet hosting service which allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessib...

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Little Known Facts You Should Know About Dedicated Hosting

Web Hosting | Admin | Dec 04, 2014

A Dedicated Hosting Server is the one in which the owner has complete control over the operational aspects of the server; like operating ...

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7 Disadvantages Of Using a Free Website

Web Hosting | Poonam | Sep 15, 2014

Free website is referred to as a non-paid hosting service. This website usually provides a sub-domain or a directory, instead of using a ...

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Concise Web Hosting Guide

Web Hosting | Admin | May 19, 2014

For those who are new to the world of web designing and development, the term Web hosting may sound like Greek. If you are one of those w...

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What Kind of Hosting do You Require?

Web Hosting | Ankit Gupta | Mar 26, 2014

Nowadays there are many Reliable Web Hosting Company available, which provide services for shared hosting, web hosting, dedicated server ...

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Choosing The Right Web Hosting Company India - What To Look For

Web Hosting | Admin | Aug 29, 2013

For those who are hearing the term - Web Hosting Company - for the first time, or those who are unaware of the functions served by a web ...

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Web Hosting Services: A Boon to Businesses

Web Hosting | Ankit Gupta | Aug 21, 2013

Web hosting services are excellent tools to promote business, spread awareness and disseminate information. Today, numerous companies off...

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Availing Website Uptime Services - Focus On Reputation Rather Than Guarantee

Web Hosting | Ankit Gupta | Jul 22, 2013

The level of competition between online businesses is as it is very high, without a high percentage of website downtime making it even ha...

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All About Web Hosting

Web Hosting | Admin | Apr 04, 2013

If you are really not impressed by the complex jargons used in the virtual world but there is a quest to decode the practices, here is a ...

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Choosing a Good Web Hosting Company

Web Hosting | Ankit Gupta | Apr 03, 2013

In the past few years, Internet has emerged as a powerful platform for businesses looking forward to increasing brand visibility & genera...

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cPanel Hosting - An Introduction

Web Hosting | Admin | Mar 21, 2013

Originally designed by John Nick Koston, the cPanel is basically a web hosting control panel, which is Unix based. Web hosting becomes an...

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Shared Hosting Vs VPS Hosting

Web Hosting | Admin | Mar 18, 2013

A Shared Hosting Account, as the name suggests, shares server space and resources with multiple accounts. On the other hand, Virtual Priv...

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Forum Hosting Programs

Web Hosting | Admin | Feb 20, 2012

Forum hosting program allows you to have a multiple forum at the same time and running an interactive web community where people can inte...

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Linux Web Hosting And Windows Web Hosting - The Competition Continues

Web Hosting | Admin | Jan 12, 2012

Imagine sitting in a tournament where two equally strong and skilled competitors are playing against each other. You cheer for your favor...

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The Ideal Web Hosting Service Provider

Web Hosting | Admin | Dec 15, 2011

With rapid increase in the popularity of Internet, almost all business houses are required to have a prominent online identity. It has be...

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Web Hosting And Development Technologies

Web Hosting | Admin | Oct 20, 2011

Cyber world is growing day by day owing to many new technological developments. The technologies find various applications in the web wor...

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How To Change A Web Host

Web Hosting | Admin | Sep 15, 2011

Every webmaster is going to experience this problem at least once. You either get tired of your web hosting company, they don't support a...

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An Intelligent Investment: Setting-up A Dedicated Server

Web Hosting | Admin | Mar 03, 2011

In the evolving domain of the World Wide Web, today firms prefer to acquire web hosting strategy which offers them highest level of secur...

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Reseller Web Hosting: Get The Perfect Plan

Web Hosting | Admin | Nov 25, 2010

With so many Reseller Web Hosting schemes available in the market you must be thinking- With easy options for me, I can surely make the r...

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What You Need To Know About Regular and E-Commerce Hosting

Web Hosting | Admin | Nov 22, 2010

Website hosting has diversified into various fields and E-Commerce Hosting has emerged out of these as a sure shot way to kick start the ...

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Secure Web Hosting a Pre-Requisite for Shielding Your Online Business

Web Hosting | Admin | Nov 04, 2010

It is a known fact that the World Wide Web is an open arena for all. In this relation, it has to be understood that the internet is swarm...

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Why Choose Shared Hosting?

Web Hosting | Admin | Oct 18, 2010

Web hosting continues to be a boon for all types of businesses looking forward to make an impact in the World Wide Web. With so many opti...

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Seven Choices For Web Hosting Your Website

Web Hosting | Admin | Oct 11, 2010

For an online merchandiser, it is of utmost significance to keep track of the online business. The increasing growth of your business sho...

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Dedicated Hosting And Its Advantages

Web Hosting | Admin | Sep 13, 2010

Hosting is the process of leasing a server by individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. What...

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What is the Right Choice Windows or Linux Hosting ?

Web Hosting | Ankit Gupta | Aug 07, 2010

If you're a new or casual Webmaster and your site is non-revenue generating with static HTML pages you generated from boxed software, the...

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Things to be consider before Web Hosting

Web Hosting | Ankit Gupta | Aug 07, 2010

You have a website and are now confused as to all the choices you have in order to find a host for your site.Here are some basic thin...

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Things to consider before you choose the Web Hosting Service

Web Hosting | Admin | Jun 03, 2010

Web Hosting is a term that every individual, business or group, with a dream to have global presence, should be familiar with. It is the ...

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How to Choose Your Ecommerce Hosting?

Web Hosting | Admin | Apr 09, 2010

Selling and buying of products and services online has become very common and is attaining more and more popularity. Having a website onl...

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Ecommerce Hosting Considerations

Web Hosting | Admin | Mar 20, 2010

Ecommerce is the fastest growing field in the web market. With the growing access of the Internet and the busy lives of the people ecomme...

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Perfect E-commerce Hosting for Your Website

Web Hosting | Admin | Mar 13, 2010

If you are planning to promote your business online what is the primary thing you require? Yes, a website, a well-developed website. It i...

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What Type of Web Hosting Do You Need

Web Hosting | Admin | Feb 17, 2010

Every business that longs to promote itself online has to associate itself with some or the other web hosting company. What is a web host...

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Things to note about Web Hosting Provider

Web Hosting | Ankit Gupta | Feb 17, 2010

Perhaps when you were comparing web hosting plans among several hosting providers your decision was mixed on which hosting provider to ch...

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What is Web Hosting ?

Web Hosting | Ankit Gupta | Feb 17, 2010

Web hosting company were born out of this great need to provide an environment for the masses to own a piece of cyberspace, to offer an e...

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Mail Server Used by You

Web Hosting | Ankit Gupta | Feb 17, 2010

We provide three different types of mail servers.Send mail ServerQmail ServerJava mail ServerSend mail Server : In...

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