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How To Design A Good Favicon: Step-By-Step Guide

Web Development | Poonam | Updated: 2019-10-16

How To Design A Good Favicon: Step-By-Step Guide

Favicons are the icons that you see on your browser when you have either opened a website or have bookmarked it. It appears on the tab part to remind the users about your page and separate it from all others. Your favicon would be your identity and need to make it recognizable yet standing out. In order to do so, you need to get web design services from a recognizable company or simply follow the steps described below. Whether you are designing your favicon for a desktop browser, mobile browser, tablet browser, or for any operation system, these steps can help you create a good one in a short time.

Analyze Your Brand Identity

  • The first thing that you need to do when you are creating your favicon is to analyze your brand identity and your online image. You need to be very careful when creating your favicon. It would be something through which your target audience and potential customers would relate you to and you would never want to confuse them by showing off different sides of your brand.
  • Consistency is the key to building a strong brand image. You need to study what kind of brand identity and image you are planning to portray. Know the color scheme, the font type, the imagery, and the type of voice that your brand is trying to build. Use the same in your favicon and do not try to experiment with it very largely.

Draft A Similar Design

  • Now that you know the type of brand image that you are planning to build, it is imperative you utilize the similar elements in your favicon design. You can experiment around a little but do not divert too far away from your brand image. Use the colors in the icon; if you have any text there, use the same font as your own to maintain consistency.
  • If you are going for an icon or just an image representing your business in your favicon, make sure to see to it that you are not too different. If your website is full of vector graphics, animations, or cartoonish images, keep the favicon with the same type of images. If you are using HD pictures, use them. But if your website is more towards minimalist approach and focuses more on the whitespace than the text or visual elements, having a fuller favicon with too much going on would make it look very different. You can also talk to a trusted web design company to analyze your website and design a similar favicon.

Make It Stand Out

  • Now that you know what type of favicon to create, the next step in the process of creating a favicon is to make it stand out and recognizable. As discussed above, your favicon would be your brand's identity that reminds the customers of your brand. Whenever they open different tabs, you should be able to keep them reminded that this is your website and they can click on this favicon to reach your site.
  • There is a lot of noise online and you need to cut through it. You need not try to attract your users through a favicon as they are already on your website or have bookmarked it. However, you do need to make it look recognizable so that they remember that it is your website only. Make it as relatable and recognizable to your brand while making it completely different from all other favicons present out there in the world of web.

Incorporate Elements Of Logo

  • One of the easiest ways out to design your favicon is to include elements of your logo in your favicon. Your logo is your brand identity and has already helped you establish your image among others. If you include the elements of your logo in your favicon, it would be a much easier way to design your favicon and still be recognizable as your brand.
  • Another great way to simplify the designing of your favicon is to use your logo itself as your favicon. Many big brands have adopted this approach and have succeeded with it as well. If you are also planning to ease your favicon designing process, simply take your logo, crop it a little, or if it is your full company's name, take the initials of the logo. You can even take the icon if you have included any in your logo and use it as your favicon. This way, your favicon would be easily created and you wouldn't even have to worry about ensuring it will reflect your brand image or not.

Do Not Make It Clumsy It

One of the biggest mistakes you can do with your favicon is to add too many elements in it and make it messy or clumsy. In order to make your favicon more recognizable, many web development companies tend to add too many elements together. This might make your favicon too messy. It is your responsibility to make sure that your favicon is not too messed up or falling out of the place.

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