Growth of PHP And ASP In Web Development

The most popular websites today, be it Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera and Safari have evolved from basic scripting to include modernized features for enhanced surfing experience. The websites on the other hand, whether they are static or dynamic, require specific languages for development so that they can be compatible with most browsers and even on mobiles. Web development has progressed in many ways and the evolution of languages and platforms such as PHP and ASP have played a major role in this.


PHP Language
PHP or Hypertext Processer generates webpages dynamically from documents in HTML format through proper tags. This server-side programming language has evolved and is being increasingly used due to the many benefits that it has. The foremost advantage is that of the compatibility- an issue that existed earlier with other scripting languages for website development. In case of PHP, a simple html page is received by the browser and it comes after the script has been run on the server. Another benefit is that the source code is not at the danger of being copied and stolen.


ASP Model Architecture
Application Service Provider Model Architecture for websites is another area that ahs evolved for the befit of website developers in the recent times. It is much more economical to the earlier models and supports various applications such as ERP, CRM, e-commerce, e-procurement, data warehousing and business intelligence and office automation applications. It is very good for customers paying for software usage on a pay-per-use basis.


The basic benefits of PHP and ASP in terms of lower cost, wide browser compatibility & good database connectivity, better speed are what will maintain their popularity in the times to come. But both have certain specific features and thus their own importance, which will determine their usage status in the future.

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