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Feb 18, 2019



Anurag Gupta

4 Factors That Can Help You Succeed In E-Commerce

Did you know that the e-commerce industry will generate revenue of whopping $4.5 trillion by the year 2021? And by 2040, nearly 95% of all the purchases would be made online? With numbers suggesting a golden future for e-commerce, no wonder a majority of the retail brick and mortar store are switching to a virtual commerce store. And it’s not just the established stores; countless entrepreneurs are also coming up with new product & service ideas to make some profits from the booming e-commerce industry. But just having an e-commerce store will not guarantee success in the competitive online marketplace. You need to be aware of some factors that can help you succeed in e-commerce. If you are also taking a plunge into the world of e-commerce, here are some of the things that can ensure success in your online ventures.   SEO Will Bring Them To Your E-Commerce Store...

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App Development(1)

Feb 15, 2019



Palak Jain

15 Eye-Opening Mobile App Stats To Guide You In App Development

With our smartphones becoming our all-time companions, the apps in them know and reveal more about our interests, past-time hobbies, behavior, and much more. The apps on our mobile phones have transformed the way we connect with people, share our thoughts, make purchases, manage business, and even pass time. Businesses and tech-heads across all verticals of the world have identified the power of mobile apps and the growing inclination of internet and smartphone users towards them. They are coming up with new and mobile app ideas that have the power to engage the users and go take the app stores by storm. If you also have a killer mobile app idea or and are planning to discuss it with a mobile app development company in India, the statistics given below will definitely guide you. With these stats in mind, you can rest assured that your mobile app would turn out...

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Email Marketing

Feb 12, 2019



Anurag Gupta

15 Email Marketing Stats For Shaping Your Strategy In 2019

Fighting the odds of the ever-popular Facebook, the professional charmer LinkedIn, and the instant attention-grabber SMS, email marketing has managed to make its way to the top as one of the most powerful & effective channels to reach out to the customers. Today, the astute marketers and marketing influencers across the world believe that the content delivered to the inboxes of the audience can entice their appetite for content and attract their eye for prominent discounts while keeping them engaged with the brand. Majority of the top brands are investing their money with email marketing agencies to ensure their email marketing strategy is on point. If you are also planning to shape or reshape your email marketing strategy for 2019, here are 15 email marketing statistics that will get you going.   1.   73% Millennials Choose Email As Preferred Mode Of Contact With Brands In a world of direct messages,...

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Feb 6, 2019



Anurag Gupta

How To Resolve Issues With Web Host Before Making A Permanent Shift

With web hosting companies guaranteeing 99.9% network uptime, instant activations, unlimited bandwidth, constant backup, etc., businesses are spoilt with choices when it comes to selecting a host for their website. Whether one wants Linux hosting, Reseller hosting, Email hosting, Ecommerce hosting, or Windows hosting, there are many companies offering all types of website hosting services at the most effective prices. As easy as finding a web hosting company is in today’s world, staying put with the same company for a long time is a challenge. And one of the main factors that determine how long businesses keep their website hosting with a particular company is their customer support. In case of any glitch like slow loading speed, website downtime, zero scalability, inefficient security, etc., it is important that a business can report the problem and get instant support from a knowledgeable technical person. If a business is unable to get...

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Content Marketing-2

Feb 4, 2019



Anurag Gupta

5 Content Marketing Ideas To Succeed In 2019

With content marketing becoming marketing itself, the core focus of brands has shifted from other tactics to delivering content that attracts, engages, entertains, and ranks high on search engine result pages. This is the tool which paves way for a two-way conversation with the audience and ensures that the reader takes information while also leaving something behind for the marketers to cherish. The data generated by the audience behavior through content marketing can be aptly used for optimizing and boosting the conversion rates, and in turn, the overall sales of the brand. If you are also planning to invest more...

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Jan 31, 2019



Anurag Gupta

7 Tricks To Get Backlinks Without Creating New Content

Backlinks have and will always be one of the key factors determining the ranking of a page on search engines. The search engine giant, Google, considers the number of domains, linking to a certain page, the biggest factor in ranking that particular page. Usually, link building is considered synonymous with posting new, high-quality content on different channels that is worthy of getting linked. And this might be pretty time consuming for those that need a lot of backlinks in a short time to boost their SEO ranking. That’s when this guide would come to assistance. This write-up talks about some...

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