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The 10+1 Magento Website Maintenance Guide

Web Development | Poonam | Updated: 2020-11-28

The 10+1 Magento Website Maintenance Guide

Let's begin with an honest note. Nothing in the digital world is flawless. There are imperfections and things are susceptible to loopholes. The same happens with Magento. It is a popular platform for creating e-commerce websites and like other platforms, it remains susceptible to petty issues related to site speed, security, and updates. You pretty well know the repercussions of ignoring such glitches. It will not only hamper the customer experience but drag down the website rankings and reduce conversions.

Although there are multiple tips & hacks, you should not lay a strong emphasis on them. Most of the tips scattered on the internet & YouTube videos cannot be trusted, especially when you do not have the right knowledge or want instant solutions. Hence, safeguarding your Magento website becomes prominent and only a trusted Magento website development company can render apt solutions.

To assure the smooth functioning of the Magento website and eliminate losing customers, the right maintenance is a must. The below-listed maintenance practices will kill the hassle & safeguard the Magento website.

Maintenance Practices For A Topnotch Magento Website

This list will surely assist you. Check it out.

  • The Latest Version

Only a Luddite carries on with the older versions. A responsible Magento website developer will keep on hunting the latest versions for installation. Updating the Magento website reduces 50% hassle and it makes the website withstand major threats that include hacking. Such updates are often released with security patches. Every time Magento releases a new update, it also provides a security patch to fix the threat from third-party. Hence, updating the Magento website becomes mandatory.

  • Avoid Cheap Hosting Services

The market for I.T industry services is full of fraudsters and sweet-talkers. They work with the sole purpose of extracting money and not abiding by their promises of top-notch services. Securing the data and maintaining its backup is essential and only a credible Magento website development company can surpass the expectations. Another tip to consider is while you acquire the hosting plan, always consider the system requirement of the Magento version.

  • Site Cache Configuration

What is the best way for configuring the Magento site cache? The simple answer is a reverse HTTP proxy. Through this process, the website is accelerated and the copy of the webpage visited is saved in the RAM soon after a visitor visits the website. By performing the site cache configuration, you can easily keep the Magento website active & magnetize more visitors.

  • Reliable Server

Servers remain under a constant threat and you cannot deny this. Hence, for the best results, the I.T experts recommend choosing a server with safe environments. It is essential to be considerate while choosing a server, especially when yours is an e-commerce Magento website that accumulates banking credentials & other details of all customers flocking to the website. Manage all files using SFTP or HTTPS. Adding more, always use case-sensitive alpha-numeric passwords. Keep changing passwords from time to time for a stronger shield of safety.

  • Overload Alert

While getting a Magento e-commerce website designed, assure that it doesn't get bedecked with the unwanted plug-ins. Overloading the website is another term for compromising with its speed, safety, and experience. Hence, prevent the website hindrance by de-cluttering the additional or unwanted plug-ins that do not have a role to play in assuring the enhanced performance of the website. Noted.

  • The 24/7 Magento Support

Only a handful of the Magento website development companies promise 24/7 support. Development companies not only work on carving the website in an apt manner, but it is their duty to provide the right support when things start falling. With the right customer support, the businesses witness an upsurge of 7% as per the report filed by a leading German I.T organization. Thus, always turn to a company that fulfills the promise of accurate 24/7 support.

  • Stay in Touch with The Company

When you hire a Magento website development company, you pay them for their services but that doesn't mean everything will be done as per the company's preference. When you hire them, it is your duty to take a follow-up regularly so that the image stays clear & there exists transparency regarding the ongoing Magento project. Talk your heart out with the support executive about the website goals and their plans about conceiving the website project with accuracy.

  • Follow Magento Coding Standards

Another point to consider is Magento coding standards. A developer requires following the pre-set coding standards while creating Magento extensions. The following is the list of Magento 2.3 coding standards:

  • Code demarcation standard
  • PHP coding standard
  • JAVA coding standard
  • JQuery widget coding standard
  • DocBlock standard
  • JavaScript DocBlock standard
  • LESS coding standard
  • HTML style guide
  • Upgrade Magento Extensions

Ignoring the upgrade of Magento extensions is equivalent to re-installing the unwanted plug-ins. To keep the website framework up-to-date, it is a must for the website designer/developer to upgrade the extensions. The key use of upgrading the extensions is to improve website speed. Yep, that's something worth noticing! By using updated Magento extensions, it becomes a cakewalk to include fresh themes.

  • De-cluttering

What's there to de-clutter in my Magento website's Many people point out when an expert tells them to get rid of unnecessary test products. The test products are little baddies that contribute to the degraded website speed. They are digital parasites that feed over the empty space & make the website heavy. Hence, de-cluttering test products should be followed religiously the keeping the website navigation seamless.

Bonus Tip: A Temporary Website

How would you react if an e-commerce store dies in the middle of your shopping or the payment gateway freezes while the payment is in the process? Let's not mention anything ugly but you will definitely end up having a poor & temper-flaring experience. Hence, to provide ease of shopping to all customers, it is essential to have a backup website and use it temporarily while the main Magento website undergoes maintenance.

Final Shot

These 10+1 tips are the unsaid perfect tips for safeguarding Magento websites. By acquiring maintenance and 24/7 support, the susceptibility to digital threats will be eliminated permanently.

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