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Stay ahead by becoming a Magento Developer

Web Development | Poonam | Updated: 2019-08-26

Stay ahead by becoming a Magento Developer

Magento web development is now becoming an essential part of online businesses who are selling their products on the online platform. Designers and developers use Magento for meeting their development needs. However, Magento developers at any magento development company need to strive to avoid blunders that usually occur during the Magento development process. They should utilize Magento customization to come up with innovative eCommerce solutions for retailers who wish to achieve tremendous online growth. The fiercely competitive online environment urges businesses to create unique and user friendly eCommerce website. If you are a developer looking forward to a career in Magento customization or Magento web design then it is imperative for you to learn some simple yet effective design and development tricks.

Following are some of the tricks for front-end Magento developers so that they can come up with an effective eCommerce website using Magento.

Important tips for the Magento programmers

  • While extending the functionality of a core class, it is important that you don't end up overwriting the core class by entering the same file path on the local code pool, app/code/local/Path to core class/... Instead, it is better to use class rewriting than to overwrite.
  • Never ignore nested collections. Every collection is a query which implies that if you have a collection within a look, then there surely exists a query within a look. This will bring down the overall speed of your website.
  • Writing a module is good, but to test it with full page caching it's better. A number of times module works impeccably over the local server but fails to give the best performance on a live site. Hence, it is imperative to test it with full page caching to avoid problems.
  • Not being attentive to the namespaces utilized for custom modules, which may clash with the namespaces of core Magento modules.

Tips for the Magento developer and designer

  • It is good to construct a custom theme rather than going for variation of core Magento theme files.
  • Understanding the package or theme relationship can give you a clear idea on how to effectively utilize it for the website you are building. Smart use of the packages or themes can give rise to innovative ways to manage the small differences required among different templates or pages.
  • Always use the correct starting theme, especially in a community. While dealing with a community project, blank theme saves a great deal of time as it eliminates a lot of unrequited CSS styling. This helps front-end developers to expedite the overall development process.
  • It is important for developers in a magento development company to bear in mind that Magento makes use of tables in some places. It is always advantageous to go through the sample or demo site to view source and cloning said source as the HTML you utilize while creating your own CSS.

How Magento is changing the entire ecosystem of the e-commerce?

Below are the features which shows how Magento changing the e-commerce.

Theme Paradise

One of the biggest benefits of using Magento to power your eCommerce efforts is the number of amazing themes that are available for use. Whether you are selling bikes, apparel or even software tools, there is a theme that will be perfect for your needs and requirements. The success or failure of any eCommerce site is associated closely with the quality of the theme being chosen.

Support of Expert Developer Community

After gaining comprehensive popularity, Magento earned a huge following of developers! This community is continuously feeding the Magento platform with enhanced and improved versions periodically. This developers following ensures that all Magento related issues and errors are addressed quickly. The growing development community keeps adding new extensions and add-ons regularly.

Three Versions to Choose From

Given the diverse business needs, Magento offers three different versions, namely the Magento Community Edition, which is open source, Magento Go, for startups and small businesses, and Enterprise Edition, for big businesses seeking great gains leveraging slew of features and functionalities. Every enterprise is offered with varied versions to choose from.

Highly Scalable Platform

The scalability of this platform makes it more popular. Even large enterprise can use Community Edition and can scale up to other versions given their specific business needs. This is the reason retailers or any online merchants did not shift to any other solution as Magento offers all types of solutions in terms of scalability and upgradation. This platform grows with business.

Magento Expertise in Abundance

Having around a great Magento development company is the most beneficial aspect of the platform! With plentiful of brains with Magento expertise, picking the best fit gives new hype to the business.

There are several other reasons making Magento the ideal eCommerce platform enabling businesses to excel online! Undoubtedly Magento eCommerce platform is one of the desirable choices, and its latest updates ensures that it is committed to offer many more valuable features and tools in future also.

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