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Creating an FTP Account in cPanel

Web Development | Admin | Last Updated: 2010-10-25

Creating an FTP Account in cPanel

Before we tell you how to create an FTP account, you need to understand the meaning of FTP. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. According to Wikipedia, FTP is a standard network protocol used to copy a file from one host to another over a TCP/IP-based network, such as the Internet. FTP is used with user-based password authentication or with anonymous user access. If you are not familiar with the internet terms and site navigation in general, then you would have difficulties in making an FTP account for your website. For that reason, we are here to guide you through the entire process of creating an FTP account.

  • File Transfer Protocol is used to upload content to a website. By using an FTP client, you will be able to upload hundreds of files to your website with ease at one go.
  • Now that you know what an FTP account is, let us tell you how it works. An FTP client enables your websites server and your hard drive to establish a connection, which makes it easier to update your website. If you want to establish a connection with your site's server, then it is essential to create an FTP account in your web hosting account.
  • Just like any other program, FTP client is also a downloadable program that can be downloaded to your computer. After downloading it, you can use the credential given by your web host to connect to your web server and upload/download files from your website. And the best part is that most of the FTP clients are free.

After having your own FTP client, it is time to set up your hosting account. The steps are very simple:

  • Go to the control panel on your computer.
  • Look for the Files section. This section lets you manage every aspect of your websites files and all FTP functionality.
  • Click on the FTP Accounts link.
  • At the top, you will see an option Create a new FTP account. Sometimes this account would be created by your host. In that case, a list of your FTP accounts will be displayed.
  • If you want to create a new FTP account, fill out a form with required details like your Username and Password and then click on the create FTP account button. Your FTP account is ready to use. Just log in into your account using your login information.

Just follow these simple steps and you will have your own FTP account in no time. It is important that you thoroughly check all the steps before creating your account and keep your username and password secured so that your account cannot be accessed by an outsider.

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