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How The Shortcomings Of Your WordPress Website Are Hampering Your Business?

Web Development | Anurag Gupta | Last Updated: 2016-09-08

How The Shortcomings Of Your WordPress Website Are Hampering Your Business?

Are you still sailing on that freebie WordPress theme and hoping to make it big digitally? The task isn't totally impossible; however, keeping up with the pace at which the digital world is booming wouldn't be easy with an incompetent WordPress design. A few loopholes in your website's interface and experience hold the capability of draining out the profit score you have aimed to achieve this year. The readers of today have been spoiled by the best-class designers in the industry and seek nonpareil designs, quick loading times, and unique interface. They are not ready to settle down for anything near mediocre. If you are running a decade old WordPress site and wondering why customers are abandoning your website more than the last time you checked it; here are a few ways that would guide you on what could be wrong.

Broken Links

Nothing could turn off your visitor more than the missing information about something he/she's dying to know about. If your website still entertains broken links, missing information, or not-working pages, then you are advised to you get things in your control soon. To solve the issue, keep monitoring the pages on your website and fix things immediately. Cure the broken link or replace the link with another link from a different source. If you can't find another link for the page, remove the broken link entirely to enhance the user interaction on the page.

Old Information

As I mentioned before, in order to keep up with the pace at which digital world is evolving, marketers have to keep their website updated at every point of time. If you are still operating a website that was last updated 10 years back, then now it is time to update it as the users don't like to see the same old information that makes little or no sense today. It is vital that your contact information is up to date on your website. Else, customers won't be able to access your services in any manner.

Poor Navigation

Navigation is rarely a priority of the designers while designing a site; however, it should be kept at first as it affects the user experience of a website heavily. According to a research, about 60% of traffic on an e-commerce website comes from the site itself. To ensure that your website offers impeccable User Experience, keep the navigation on your website great and easy to help your users find your homepage.
Finding and getting accustomed with your navigation isn't that hard for your visitors. Web surfers get along to the navigation of website easily until they get to see a navigation bar at the top of a web page and a mandatory footer at the bottom to direct user's paths. Without the typical header and footer on a page , a user is likely to get lost while looking for information on a website.

Slow Page Loading

As per the recent stats, around 40% of web visitors bounce from a website if it takes more than usual to load. If you want to extract the optimum from your website, ensure that your site loads within 3 seconds . If your site is still sluggish and incapable of keeping the user engaged, invest in the plugins that can compress and cache files to improve the speed of the page.

Cluttered UX

A clean, sleek, and intuitive design is the key to rule the visitor's heart. Cluttered, complicated, and busy pages are not useful to web visitors and turn them off as soon as they land on them. Not just that, 2/3rd of visitors would choose to read something that's visually appealing than something that's bland and cluttered.

Inability To Connect To Social Media

Social media is ruling the market from the last five years or so. Before the boom of social media, anyone hardly synced their blogs and web pages to their social media profiles. Time has changed now, and not having social integration on your website could make you pay off heavily. If you want to enhance the user engagement and traffic on your website then do connect social media to your page. This will increase your reach and bring the visitors from social media to your website and vice versa.

All the above-listed signs are the clear indication of how the tiny loopholes in your WordPress Design can affect your business adversely. If you seek to make it big in the digital sphere make sure that you smell these signs before it is too late and take necessary measures to revamp your old website and cure the obstacles that might be hampering the conversion rate. With the hope that you found the information given useful, I take your leave. Thank You!

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