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Java and .NET Technologies: Which Is Better For Web Development?

Web Development | Admin | Updated: 2011-11-21

Java and .NET Technologies: Which Is Better For Web Development?

Nowadays, there is a wide range of programming languages that has been instrumental in creating different projects for different purposes. There are two such major programming languages that are widely popular and useful. These languages are Java and .NET. These languages have been used greatly by the software development service providers. It is a known fact that, with the advent of different programming languages, the field of web development has enormously benefited.

Java has been put in use for carrying out competent web development projects and plays an important role in the development of different web services. These technologies and tools are provided by the integrated web service platforms. There are different web service stacks namely JAZB, JAX-WS and WSIT which enable the programmers to make secure web services. But how can Java script make your website more interactive?

  • There are different activities that one can easily do like browser identification, advertisement, management and form validation etc.
  • There are various enhanced attributes with Java script that can add up to the features of website.
  • Easy handling of client activity is possible using java script.
  • Java includes Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) which enables a website to display the content without repeated refreshing of the page.
  • Java script helps to transfer huge amounts of data from server to the client side without wasting much of the time with the use of XML.

Coming to ASP.NET, it has acquired immense success in the recent years. With this technology the programmer can build dynamic websites, web applications and web services. To use this technology you need to have .Net framework and a web server.

Steps To Create A Simple ASP.NET Page:

  • Selecting and defining the language you want to use on the framework (for eg: C+ or Visual Basic)
  • Creating an HTML Form
  • Connecting the form to the server
  • Processing on the server side

These technologies have added up to the looks and functionality of the websites to make them highly popular throughout the world, eventually helping the business firms to acquire a name on the global platform. In this way both Java script and ASP.NET continue to benefit the world of web development in the same way.

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