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Why Choose Shared Hosting?

Web Hosting | Admin | Updated: 2010-10-18

Why Choose Shared Hosting?

Web hosting continues to be a boon for all types of businesses looking forward to make an impact in the World Wide Web. With so many options available for hosting personal as well as commercial websites, you can sometimes have a hard time thinking which one will be the best for you. While each types of Website Hosting has its own benefits, Shared Hosting has emerged as a much preferred choice for millions of individuals and companies who want to successfully host their website with minimum hassles. In this article you will find not one but many reasons why Shared Hosting continues to be ranked first among all.

  • The Price Factor - Needless to say, when you are thinking of availing hosting services, the paramount factor hovering in your mind would be of the worthiness of the service and its cost-efficiency. In this aspect Shared Hosting proves to be very economical and this is because only a part of the server is being used.
  • Multiple Hosting Packages - For Shared Hosting, service providers offer the most number of packages with many necessary and optional features to choose from.
  • A Multitude of Features - With a shared hosting account, you can look forward to a number of features that are bundled in the various packages. Some features include:
    • Support for an array of programming languages like JAVA, PHP, PERL, Python
    • Multiple Email Accounts
    • SSL certificates
    • MySQL databases
  • Free extra features like:
    • Shopping carts
    • Mailing lists
    • Guest-books
    • Blog
  • Effortless Hosting For All - Shared hosting is the simplest of all types of hosting as far as the set-up time and maintenance are concerned. After installation, a user gets to manage the functions on a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that allows changes to be made with an easy print and click facility. It is the best option for first timers who do not have any prior knowledge or technical know-how about hosting.
  • Trial Period: The Freedom to Choose - With Shared Hosting service providers often offering the services for a 30 Day Trial Period, you can definitely make up your mind to go with a particular package or not. Due to the simplicity of the system, you can evaluate it quickly and change in case you are not in awe of the features available.
  • Complete Technical Support - Another advantage of Shared hosting is the availability of qualitative technical support from dedicated technicians and this is because they have a specialized department to handle any server issues, troubleshooting, installation issue etc. This ultimately results in low server downtime as problems get addressed quickly.

Shared hosting may be a basic form of hosting but as you can see, it is far more advantageous in many aspects. For those who want simple web hosting that will offer them many benefits at a lower cost, it is the best choice. Getting your websites hosted on the internet was never so easy!

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  • Gustavo Edwads
    02 February, 2011 at 8:23 am

    Great Post & thanks for sharing


  • Travis Gilles
    13 November, 2010 at 3:46 am

    Great blog! I like how everything is well written. I will be back to check for new posts. Thanks!!


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