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All About Web Hosting

Web Hosting | Admin | Last Updated: 2013-04-04

All About Web Hosting

If you are really not impressed by the complex jargons used in the virtual world but there is a quest to decode the practices, here is a simplified presentation of facts. The following section will improve you understanding about Web Hosting and its fundamentals. Here we have tried to stick to analogies so that you can comprehend the information in a better and interesting way.

What Is Web Hosting?

In order to make your website visible over the internet, it must be stored somewhere. This is achieved by Web Hosting. You are required to rent hard drive space from a company called the Web Host. The space is referred to as the web server. The company that hosts your website over the internet provides several useful website tools and applications as well.

What Does Web Hosting Achieve For You?

Is there any use of a website that is not accessible to those for whom it is designed? Certainly no! Web Hosting serves as the means to display your website on the World Wide Web. People surfing over the internet get access to your website and thus the purpose behind designing the website is achieved to an extent.

Role Of Web Host

As already mentioned the role of the Web Host is to provide the space for the storage of your website. These companies use very robust computer system that is packed with innumerable software applications for managing several websites. Thousands of websites may be hosted a single Web Host.

Types Of Web Hosting

There are certain options available in Web Hosting. You may go for Shared Hosting or Virtual Private Server. Both have their distinct advantages but the later is deemed to be more secure and reliable. Hence its popularity is on the rise. The above mentioned details must have familiarized you with the basic concepts and terminology of Website Hosting. So, next time any of your friends frets over his inability to comprehend on any issue related with Web Hosting, you will have sufficient information to put a at least a temporary end to the queries.

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