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Seven Choices For Web Hosting Your Website

Web Hosting | Admin | Updated: 2010-10-11

Seven Choices For Web Hosting Your Website

For an online merchandiser, it is of utmost significance to keep track of the online business. The increasing growth of your business should be supported by the constant up gradation of web hosting for better accommodation. In relation to this, there are seven different levels of Web Hosting in the current era of cutting edge technology. These diverse levels of web hosting include Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting, Dedicated Server, Co-Location, and Self Service.

  • The Web Hosting Levels Are As Follows - Shared Hosting: Suitable for limited budget In the Shared Hosting system, you can share server space with other websites who are also set up in the same server. This is suitable for the new-comers with a limited budget. Owing to the shared cost, the fee can be very low. But one limitation of a shared server is that the intense traffic in another site in your server can affect the performance of your website.
  • Reseller Hosting: The option of reselling hosting space - Another type of web-hosting service is the Reseller hosting which is almost similar to shared hosting. Reseller hosting consists of extra tools and options which help you in reselling hosting space. A reseller hosting package also comprises of other components like free website templates, white label technical support and servers under private names. Due to this, Reseller hosting is costlier than shared hosting.
  • Cloud Hosting: An apparent giant single server - Various technological advancements have revolutionized the process of web hosting. In keeping with this trend, we can take the example of Cloud or Grid Hosting which is a more progressive hosting feature Cloud Hosting allows several servers to apparently merger together, thereby giving it the appearance of a giant single server. The increase in the number of sites can be accommodated by adding new hardware. Again, the price allocated is in accordance with the level of service being received. Fees may be charged for extra memory usage and bandwidth.
  • Virtual Private Server: Wards off disturbance from other hosting neighbors - A Virtual Private Server or VPS acts like several separate servers though in reality it shares only one server. Here, all the separate servers each consist of a specific program of the computing resources, when in fact they are just sharing hardware resources. It saves your website from getting affected from your hosting neighbors and also assists in evading higher costs.
  • Dedicated Server: With one rental physical server - The list of web hosting services will remain incomplete without mentioning the Dedicated Server. A Dedicated Server can effectively ensure one rental physical server from a hosting service. Full control permitted though this service is more expensive than the others.
  • Co-location: Renting a space in a date service provider - Co-location gives you the option of renting a space in a data service provider. You are just required have your own server hardware, while power, internet uplink and other necessities are provided as a part of the service. In this circumstance, you are in charge of your own software, data and hardware and are equally responsible for them all in case of any malfunctioning.
  • Self-service: Do-it-yourself set-up - Last but not the least; we have in existence what is called the self-service web-hosting service. This comprises of a do-it-yourself set-up and is considered to be the best option of all. You buy the servers and do the configurations by yourself. Things required for setting up the self-service web-hosting service are extra bandwidth, server hardware, systems administrator, data back-up and more.

The flourishing online trade has added extra significance to web hosting. Customers usually prefer the website which is user-friendly and easily accessible. This is to ward of the fear of losing potential customers in case your website is slow owing to heavy traffic or an improper web server.

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