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Availing Website Uptime Services - Focus On Reputation Rather Than Guarantee

Web Hosting | Ankit Gupta | Updated: 2013-07-22

Availing Website Uptime Services - Focus On Reputation Rather Than Guarantee

The level of competition between online businesses is as it is very high, without a high percentage of website downtime making it even harder for the online business to stay competitive.

Website Uptime/Downtime - What Does It Mean?

  • In the context of a website, the uptime refers to the total time for which the website is accessible or viewable. Conversely, whenever the visitors are unable to access the website, or when it is not functional, then it is referred to as the downtime. An uptime of 99% is considered to be a good average.
  • The Uptime/Downtime ratio is very important to the ecommerce website; as for every minute that the website is not functioning, it is losing out on potential buyers. A high downtime rate means that the business may lose out on a sizeable number of potential visitors who could have been converted to buyers. Not only this once the visitor is lost to competition, there are high chances that he/she may be absorbed into their customer base.

Availing Website Uptime Services From A Webhost - Why Focus On Reputation Rather Than Guarantee?

When choosing a web host, it is very essential to find a competent one in order to ensure that the website remains operational for maximum time. Especially if the website is an ecommerce one, then it becomes all the more important for the webhost to provide an uptime of 99%. When choosing a webhosting company, it is important to ensure that it is able to deliver as per your need. One thing to note in this regard is to be wary of any company that offers an uptime of 100%. This is because a 100% uptime is unachievable. Rather than being taken in by money back guarantees when choosing a suitable web hosting company, it is better to focus on their reputation. This is because a money back guarantee will only mean that the webmaster is given back a monetary refund for the downtime that exceeds the guarantee limit. What the money back guarantee scheme fails to take into account is the number of valuable visitors lost for every hour that the website was not operational. To counter this, experts advise webmasters to go with a Web Hosting Services that has a credible reputation in the market.

Associating with a web hosting company that has a good track record ensures that your website is always accessible & operational.

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