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Cyber world is growing day by day owing to many new technological developments. The technologies find various applications in the web world. One of the prominent amongst them is, web hosting. A web developer usually favors the utilization of combination of technologies since all the technologies have their own pros and cons.

The most basic technology used in the web hosting is Windows Hosting which makes use of Microsoft Windows. UNIX Hosting and Linux Hosting are amongst the other options which make use of UNIX operating system and Linux operating system respectively. Apart from these basic options, the other options are as follows:

Developed by Microsoft as a server –side technology, this is one of the most common web hosting technologies. Incorporation of script codes inside the HTML pages helps the developer in generating dynamic web pages. The remote web server executed these codes before the browser accepts the web page. Making use of both VBScript and JavaScript for generating the codes, ASP is a standard component in all the window versions.

A perfectly made tool for web development, PHP is highly efficient and widely used. Having similar syntax like PERL and C, PHP is capable of getting directly embedded into the HTML codes.PHP and Apache are together used as a combination. Used with IIS of Microsoft, PHP supports ISAPI.PHP is specialized in supporting different types of database like:

  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • Informix
  • Solid
  • Generic ODBC
  • PostgreSQL

A Server –side technology, JSP has been developed by Sun Microsystems. Similar in functioning to ASP, it uses Java codes incorporated in the HTML pages. Owing to this factor, JSP is compatible with all types of servers and operating system.

Apart from these, other technologies used in web development are:

  • Chili! Soft ASP: Capable of running on UNIX and certain other platforms
  • Microsoft FrontPage: Helps in hosting website easily on Windows operating systems.
  • Cold Fusion: Developed by Adobe Systems as a scripting language on the server side to create dynamic web pages.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver: Developed by Adobe Systems to compete with Microsoft FrontPage. It supports other web technologies.

As most business operations are becoming virtual there is an increasing need to develop faster web applications and websites to store and process more data. Many improved technologies based on the existing ones are still being developed to cater to this need.

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