Linux Web Hosting And Windows Web Hosting – The Competition Continues

linux-web-hosting-and-windows-web-hosting-the-competition-continuesImagine sitting in a tournament where two equally strong and skilled competitors are playing against each other. You cheer for your favorite champ while your neighbor cheers for the opposing. The debate regarding the Linux Web Hosting and Windows Web Hosting is a contest just like that and has been going on for a long time with no conclusive results. On one side, you have the most well-known form of Internet hosting, Linux Web Hosting. On the other side, there is Windows Web Hosting, recognized for supporting a wide range of programming frameworks.


Read on to discover the features and capabilities of the two contenders that has made them invincible.


There are several advantages of Linux Web Hosting which has led to a dedicated following such as

  • Open software code writing, hence accessible anywhere
  • Flexible, so can be downloaded, copied and modified as per convenience
  • Capable of hosting any technology
  • Low costs
  • Package also includes relates server applications
  • Simple and easy usage


The disadvantage is that the Linux Web Hosting does not support most of the Window based applications. Windows Web Hosting also has gathered enthusiasts who assert its superiority. Some of the main advantages of the Windows Web Hosting that makes it so popular are:

  • Ideal choice for .NET or Visual Basic framework
  • Supports Microsoft Front Page extensions
  • Suitable for .ASP and Dynamically Database Driven Pages
  • Quick access
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Friendly format is comfortable for new users

On the flip side, the Windows Web Hosting is costlier since it requires licensing of various Windows related technology.

The war between the giants has been in the spotlight for a long time. But ultimately, each provides the user what he wants in Web Hosting. The final decision rests upon the shoulders of the end users who have to ensure that their requirements and expectations are met.

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