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What Kind of Hosting do You Require?

Web Hosting | Ankit Gupta | Updated: 2014-03-26

What Kind of Hosting do You Require?

Nowadays there are many Reliable Web Hosting Company available, which provide services for shared hosting, web hosting, dedicated server etc. These options on the whole serve the same purpose that is hosting content so that it can be viewed and accessed by millions on the Internet. What matters is the structure and benefits of each kind of hosting.

Some of the common webhosting types are given below:

Free Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting is a great option for those who want to create a small website or homepage to share with friends and family. Due to the lack of features such as customer and security support, free web hosting has received enough flak. Nevertheless there are many reliable free web hosting providers on whom you can put your trust. But remember that free web hosting is more suitable for people who have a taste of managing personal and small websites. It is better that you consider a paid web hosting service if you want to set up a strong and effective web presence. Such hosting services provide more security, control and reliability.

Shared Hosting

Shared Web hosting is a milieu where you can share space with other users on a web server. As the system is shared by clients it is the most affordable solution for companies and personal users to set up e-commerce and blogs. While hosting on a shared server, you are open to the activities of your neighbor. For instance, if one makes an error in scripting, then the entire server may suffer. Your sight might run slower, if there is sudden burst traffic. So if the server falters, then your website and ultimately your business will go down.

Dedicated Web Hosting

When your business needs more than the typical sharing server resources, it is apt to move up to the right server. Prior experience is very vital in this sort of web hosting. There are people who need a dedicated server but do not know much about the server administration. In such a case, management tasks are handled by the hosting service provider. Such a service provider takes up much cost.

The most important thing to assure about Reliable Web Hosting Company is that you know well what you are getting into in the sense you are well aware about that particular hosting. Free services are best suited for personal sites, a dedicated server is meant for larger hosting requirements and shared hosting is perfect for small businesses. It all depends on what your site requires; it is very easy then to find out the right solution.

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