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5 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Web Hosting Plan

Web Hosting | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2019-04-26

5 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Web Hosting Plan

Launching a website starts with buying a domain name and taking a web hosting plan from a trusted company. Finding the right hosting for the website can ensure that your website has a dedicated space it needs in the digital ecosystem. While comparing different web hosting plans we go through their capacity, bandwidth, uptime, security features, activation time, etc. But how does one know that they've outgrown their current hosting plan and needs an upgrade? As a website grows older, more resources are added to it and so are functionalities. In order to keep the website secure and speedy, it is imperative to upgrade the website at the right time to ensure uninterrupted services. If you are also wondering whether you need to upgrade your web hosting plan or should continue with the same old one, here are some signs that'll tell you if its time to get an upgrade.

More Traffic Coming Your Way

More traffic is the primary goal of any website owner but one thing that they dread the most is site going down due to the hefty traffic. While taking a hosting plan from web hosting companies, site owners keep in mind the average number of visits their site might receive each day. If, as a result of SEO or any other form of digital marketing, the site experiences a heavier footfall of online visitors, upgrading the hosting plan to a dedicated one would be the smart choice. Usually, shared hosting offers the limit of up to 10,000 visitors or page views every day.

How VPS Hosting Can Help?

In case, you have initiated new campaigns to increase the traffic or are making use of new mediums to promote your site, it is imperative to take into account the increase in traffic that you are expecting and upgrade the hosting plan accordingly. It would handle the upsurge in traffic smoothly and ensure your site loads instantly all the time.

Site Can't Handle Peak Hour Traffic

This one is somewhat similar to the first point but this requires monitoring for some time before coming to the conclusion. Sluggish performance of site loading too slow as soon as you expect more traffic to appear may be a sign that your site needs an upgraded web hosting. Speed is one of the most important factors In a time when the online visitors expect a site to load with a near-instant speed in less than 3 seconds, even a single second's delay in loading can dissuade the visitors. When a website is hosting a shared server, it tends to slow down as soon high traffic arrives instantly because the RAM and CPU of the server are shared by various other websites as well. Moreover, it is possible that some websites on the same server might be taking up or drenching more RAM and CPU which might make your website slower to load.

How VPS Hosting Can Help?

Any increase than the usual level of traffic on the website might overwhelm or even crash the system. Contrary to shared hosting, with VPS hosting, one gets a dedicated server that is meant only for your website and any amount of traffic at any time would be a smooth walk for a dedicated server to handle.

No Room For Customization

One of the biggest drawbacks of shared hosting is that it leaves no room for customization and in case a website owner wants to add new apps, there would be no way to do it. For website owners that want to improvise their site and add new resources or features to it, upgrading the hosting plan is the only option left. There is monitoring software that imposes minimal limits and comes into action when any website tries to defy the set parameters. The pre-installed setup, provided by the hosting provider, is all that the website gets and the website on the server needs to adapt to this set-up or environment offered by the hosting provider.

How VPS Hosting Can Help?

There is no control on the website and the type of customization needed in a shared hosting. But with a Virtual Private Server hosting, one gets full control from the admin or root level that allows the owners to make any kind of modifications to the website they want.

Insufficient Space For New Resources

Memory is another feature that compels the website owners to move their site to an upgraded server is the shortage of memory. While publishing new content and adding new elements and resources to the website, the memory might cut short. This might not just limit you from adding new features and functionalities to your site but also make it sluggish over time. With time, each website needs to add more resources, files, pages, etc., to the file and get more activity by users, which might require some extra space.

How VPS Hosting Can Help?

A VPS hosting offers a much higher disc space that is dedicatedly reserved for the files, software, pages, and other resources added on your website. One can find VPS hosting offering disc space from 30GB to 240 GB and much more.

Increased Vulnerability To Cyber Attacks

The world of web has become more and more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and ensuring it is secure is imperative for any website owner. If your website has undergone any type of security breach or attack like phishing scams, ransom wares, malware, it is a sign that your hosting provider is not offering the security features your website need and it is time to upgrade it. As a website turns older, it collects more and more data of its users and eventually more vulnerable to threats. A shared hosting does not offer as many security features to safeguard your website.

How VPS Hosting Can Help?

A VPS hosting comes with various security features like two-factor authentication, security plugins, website scanners, and various other security app integration to offer more layers of security to your website. Upgrading the hosting can prevent your site from being the next victim of cyber-attack.

The importance of web hosting increases as the bigger you plan to make your site and the more traffic you target to get. The hosting determines whether your website is able to handle the incoming traffic and perform even when it is high. While shared web hosting can be worked on for a site in the beginning or for a small business site, with time, website hosting plan should be upgraded to VPS to ensure seamless performance of your website. Even though GoDaddy is at the top by hosting over 41,520,416 domains, there are many other web hosting companies that can offer the best hosting for your website at a competitive price.

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