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Dedicated Hosting And Its Advantages

Web Hosting | Admin | Last Updated: 2010-09-13

Dedicated Hosting And Its Advantages

Hosting is the process of leasing a server by individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. What, then, is Dedicated Hosting? Dedicated hosting occurs when an organization or company leases the entire server, which is not shared with others. Having a server which is entirely dedicated to your website is an expensive task but it offers a unique identity to the website. Dedicated hosting is used to host sites that receive innumerable visitors per month. Let us discuss the various advantages of dedicated web hosting.

  • Unique IP Address - if you go for dedicated server for your website then you are safe from scammers. In case of shared web hosting, all webmasters share the same IP address due to which various scammers can upload illegal sites to the server, which can affect your website as well. If you have your server, then other webmasters or scammers cannot upload any illegal sites to your server.
  • Full Control - if you have a dedicated server, then you have full control over all the aspects of your website whether its the server or domain. You do not have to share your domain name with other webmasters and can have a unique identity for your website.
  • No Overloading - sharing a server is the same as sharing a room or house with someone. Due to too many belongings, yours and your roommates, the room tends to get packed or overloaded. Then it becomes harder to find your own things. The same thing happens with a server. If you are sharing a server with other webmasters, then the sever will get overloaded and users may not be able to access your website, which will diminish the popularity of your website. Having a dedicated hosting offers an increased bandwidth that is essential if you have a large website. Increased bandwidth will allow more visitors to your website without any overloading.
  • Increased Disk Space - if you want a larger disk space for your website then it is essential that you go for dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting offers a huge disk space and helps your videos and podcasts run faster, if you have any, by creating less buffering problems.

The above mentioned advantages are enough to tempt you into having your own dedicated server. It will help your website in many ways and increase its popularity as well.

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