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What Type of Web Hosting Do You Need

Web Hosting | Admin | Updated: 2010-02-17

What Type of Web Hosting Do You Need

Every business that longs to promote itself online has to associate itself with some or the other web hosting company. What is a web hosting company and what does it do? This is a frequent question that comes in the mind of people.

Web hosting service allows a person as well as a company to make its site accessible to the people world over through www i.e world wide web. The web hosting companies provide a space on the Internet servers for the promotion of the website and charge some amount for the same. In simple world they are the advertisers or promoters of your business. Earlier there were very few hosting services but as the world has progressed, the types of web hosting have increased. A user get confused among the different types and finds it difficult to choose one that will best suit him or his company. Before selecting an apt web hosting, one must have knowledge about all of them. You must be wondering where you will find such information. We provide you with brief introduction about some of the most used and effective types of web hosting that will enable you to choose the best.

  • Shared hosting or virtual hosting :- This type of hosting involves sharing your server with many other clients of the web hosting company. The whole of the server is controlled and managed by the host. The charges for this type of hosting is very less as the server is shared. Although it is a cost-effective measure yet there are certain drawbacks attached to it like you are unable to install specific software programs and also the traffic on the server will be heavy that might slow down the rate of your promotion.
  • Co-located hosting :- In this type of hosting a complete server is bought from a known and reliable hardware vendor, like HP, HCL, etc. and is provided to the web hosting company to manage and maintain it. The company offers you a packages or contracts.
  • Unmanaged dedicated hosting :- This is almost similar to that of co-location hosting but the only difference is that the server is not owned by you rather it is taken on lease from the web hosting companies. The role played by the Web Hosting Company is minimal in this and it depends upon the different packages. You must discuss the type of support that will be provided by the company before getting into a deal.
  • Managed dedicated hosting :- In this the server is on lease but at the same time unlike unmanaged dedicated hosting, complete support is provided by the web hosting company. Also, you are provided with different quality guarantees. The maintenance of the server basically involves : >> Server uptime monitoring >> Security patch updates >> Hardware warranty Above mentioned are the most commonly used and effectual web hosting services. Besides these there are some other web hosting services like Free web hosting service, Clustered hosting, Grid hosting , Cloud Hosting, etc. that can be availed as per the requirements.

At the end there are some very important points to be ensured before signing up with a web hosting company:

  • Details of the services that a web hosting company will provide shall be discussed in detail
  • Amount to be charged by a web hosting company shall be settled before hand
  • Jot down your requirements and budgets and then choose your web hosting type

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