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Different Types for Hosting for Your Online Website

Web Hosting | Poonam | Updated: 2019-09-09

Different Types for Hosting for Your Online Website

To be omnipresent, the development of a website of your business is of paramount importance. A well-constructed website bestows the right picture of your organization to the visitors in a fraction of time. For something so dam crucial for the conversions, the hosting of the same should not be taken frivolously.

Choosing an appropriate and perfectly fitting domain name is a pretty easy task if compared to the process of choosing the right kind of hosting services provided by the various web hosting companies. If grabbing a perfect domain name is like allocating a name to the website, then hosting is like getting an abode for it. A web host is an online space where your website resides. You need to make an evaluation regarding the most appropriate web host for your business and sign up for an account with it. It is because there are several hosting options available in the market, which makes it quite overwhelming as well as confusing for the user to choose the best one from the range.

Here, in this article, we will be dealing with the basic idea about hosting services and their various options. This would help you to understand which hosting is the most suitable one for your online business.

Various types of hostings:

Well, we would start with the various types of hosting options that are available in the market.

  • Shared Hosting
  • The VPS Hosting
  • The Dedicated Hosting
  • The Cloud Hosting
  • The Reseller Hosting
  • The CMS Hosting
  • The WordPress Hosting
  • The Magento Hosting, and many others.

As you can see, there is a long list of hosting options available, which makes it quite confusing to choose the right one, especially if you are a first-time user. So, to choose the right kind of option, you need to delve deep into the idea of various hosting options.
The first thing which you need to consider while figuring out a hosting service is the factor of website traffic. You need to opt for a hosting service that provides you with a platform to gain a wider range of traffic for your business website. Here is a better description of the most commonly used hosting options. You can easily choose the perfect kind of hosting provided by the web hosting company, which caters to all your need.

Shared Hosting

  • Considered as a traditional hosting type, in shared hosting, a single physical server is used and shared among the various websites working over an online platform. Apart from server space, other resources like bandwidth, storage capacity, disk space, and other services are also shared. However, this type of hosting is quite easy to manage. So, it is often considered a great choice for the newbies. Moreover, it also offers a high performance to the websites which have an averagely moderate range of traffic.
  • It is cheap compared to other hosting options and is considered the ideal choice for running websites that are likely to receive low traffic. It comes with a free cPanel through which you can easily monitor the domain you are holding, and also its add-ons.
  • Apart from these, shared hosting allows free migration of the website from one web host to another without much hassle. As the serves are equally divided among the different websites, if your website had a low traffic base, the loading speed does not get affected.

VPS Hosting

  • The Virtual Private Server Hosting is another traditional hosting in which a single physical server is used. The server is partitioned into several small-sized virtual servers. The partitioning is done using special software known as the hypervisor.
  • Once the partition is done, the individual virtual servers or the virtual machines do act as entirely independent servers, having a dedicated set of resources. They are not dependent on other servers or the various resources provided by the hosting service. In other words, VPS Hosting is often referred to as a bridge actively working between the Shared and the Dedicated Hosting.
  • This hosting type offers a great deal of flexibility along with complete control of the server. The user usually gets complete access to the server. It also provides instant scalability of the resources, affects the performance of the server, and is considered the most reliable option because the servers are kept isolated from each other.

Dedicated Server Hosting

  • This type of hosting helps the user to host and manage the website without actually sharing the server space with other websites. In Dedicated Server Hosting, the user is likely to get complete control of your hosting server in terms of administration. Apart from that, under this hosting service, your website stays secure. It also loads faster because there is no other website that shares the server space.

Apart from these three hosting services, there are several other hosting options provided by the web hosting company. However, as a user, it entirely depends on your requirements and choice when choosing a hosting service. You need to consider your traffic and the type of business you are dealing in while making the final choice for the right kind of service.

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